Friday, March 27, 2009

Un po di giro a Milano

Italy keeps surprising me again and again. Some days it is the people, Italians, and the other times it is the country... today it was the city of Milan. I thought that I know this city, at least a bit, but I don`t. I met my Italian friend for lunch downtown and afterwards had a date with Teemu. I am still looking for a job and last night someone was nagging on me in the phone that I really really really need to find a job. Yes, I am "really" looking for it, baby. ;o) I am doing my best to get some other jobs to get my bills payed.

So today we went to take some new adverticement for the fashion schools here in Milan. (I am still helping students with their sewings to get some extra money and I am constantly hoping to get new clients.) We walked to Istituto Europeo di Design and on the way there we saw some amazing houses and churches.

I just love the Magnolia-trees blooming at the moment...

When I will move to the bigger apartment, after I have found a job, I am dreaming of having a tree like this in the garden.

Yes, I know... first the job and then everything new which involves money. ;o) Can`t a girl dream even???


Paul said...

Hang in there Heidi, you're good and something will come your way. Let me know what you are interested in for work.

My best always.


Jeede said...

Siitä alkaa oleen aika tarkkaan vuosi, kun kävin sua siellä moikkaamassa. Kevät näyttää tehneen tulonsa siellä, toisin kun täällä. Toivottavasti sulla siellä kaikki hyvin. Pidä huolta.