Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mercato dell’ antiquarito di Milano

This is gonna be one of the last articles in this address. You can continue following my blog here:
Always on the last Sunday of a month is the famous antiques market of Naviglio. My Frenchmen were still in town last Sunday and when Stephane asked what we should do, the only choice was Naviglio. I try to go there every month, it is 100 meters from my home door. I love the atmosphere and of course the antiques jewelry.

It was great to see my friends again. There is something in their companion that makes me feel relaxed and they for sure made me laugh… ;o)
The day was absolutely gorgeous and for a long time all the sellers were present. At least for the past 2 times I have been there, it has been raining and the canal has been pretty empty. It is funny how things change in life. I used to go there always with my blond friend, life goes on bella…

Something funny happened when I was walking to meet my men. Hmmm… I don’t know how to put this into words or maybe I shouldn’t!?! A midnight blue Porsche stopped next to me in the street, the driver opened the window and HE WANTED ME. I can speak Italian and there was for sure, no misunderstanding of his sayings. I was pretty shocked and kept on walking and he kept driving slowly next to me. I don’t get it! Okay, I am blond, tall, pretty… but I had no heels and my outfit was far from the “Pretty Woman”-movie. I don’t know if I should be impressed or mortified. (I need to admit that I have seen the same Porsche passing me other times as well. He must be my prince charming or then just a horny pervert.)

My afternoon was quite lucky. I found the golden necklace that I have been looking for. (The ones from Tiffany’s and Bvlgari still remain in my dream, hint baby!!!) The unlucky part was to hear that the Chanel’s quilted 2.55 handbag that I have been drooling over, had been sold 1, 5 hours before I stopped for the section of designer bags. Sniff… Luckily I had two wide shoulders to cry on. ;o)

Last Friday we had a get-together with A Small World- members in a Glamour Apartments behind Duomo. Everybody who got there was supposed to bring a bottle of Champagne. The result was a bathtub filled with 100kg of ice and all the bottles. The evening was great fun and the best party was of course in the beautiful bathroom. You can guess why…


PS. We will wait and see if my picture will appear to the street section of Clin d`oeil. Some Canadian girl stopped me and wanted to take a picture of my outfit.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Venerdì molto normale a Milano

I am strugling with time again and between all my works, I have started to write blog at Umami. The next few articles I will continue this blog as well, but within 2 weeks you can only follow me at my new address: La Bella Principessa a Milano. (
00-05.00 still working with customer sewing (damn top!!!)

05.00 shower

05.10-08.00 sleeping

08.00 crawling to get the first alarm from downstairs/ closing the other phone

08.10 first snooze

08.20 second snooze

09.20 waking up by a phone call… and closing all the three alarms which are found under the pillow

9.30 tea for breakfast, no appetite after 3-5 hour / night sleeps for some months

9.30 computer on, checking the unread mails -> 179

9.40 back to sewing (damn top)

11.00 janitor comes to weld the iron bars of the roof window (the firefighters cut them when I was in Belgium and my apartment was flooding a month ago)

11.50 first customer comes under the ladder of the janitor to pick up his stuff

12.00 second customer comes to pick up her sewing (the top almost done)

12.30 fruits for breakfast, still no appetite, but gotta eat

12.45 time for illustrator and the winter sports collection 2010-11 for men and women (which still isn’t done)

14.30 customer comes back with her sewings and tells the result of her fitting (need to redo the damn top)

15.00 new client comes with her fabrics

15.15 back to illustrator

17.30 screaming aloud….. wishing to be inside of her design boss` brain!?!?!?!??!!

18.00 black neighbour cat (Mussukka) returns from the open window

18.15 sweet Jade (customer) comes with her boyfriend (me in sweatpants, without makeup… I did wash my hair last night, thank god)

18.30 me still wearing the 18cm Prada heels she brought to adjust with the pants I made her a few months ago. I have a THING with high high heels *GOSH* and I was taller to try the pants than her (she is from Portugal and looks like Giselle B.)

18.45 back to illustrator

20.00 Teemu comes for a visit -> gossiping about the past day’s happenings, OMG I missed him alredy….

22.30 back to illustrator

03.25 writing blog and still fancying about the Prada heels, I saw them in the Galleria Prada store some weeks ago *GOSH*

04.38 back to illustrator and dreaming of sleeping before morning…

Ps. Check these heights:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Milano Backstage Fashion Show

"Backstage is a fashion event where people meet, mingle, eat and drink and enjoy a complete unconventional Fashion Show.

This series of events has been created by 5 fashionable girls sharing the same passion and desire to help talented upcoming designers launch their fashion line.

After the success of the first edition of Backstage, last March 2009, Backstage returns for a new fashion show with new designers and the curation of the make up by LANCOME italia."

I attended the first show in March and in this show I was supposed to be one of the new designers, but... I had no time to design and make the new creations. Next one will be in October, where I should finally be in as a designer.

We went to Lotvs with my boys Stephane and Teemu. I felt pretty privileged with my tall men (rare feeling) and I got quite a lot of attention, even from Fashion Television. I definately stood out from the crowd being blond, tall and looking relaxed in my denim overalls. (Let me say that overalls will be trendy again, they are so comfortable in the summer heat...)

The evening was hot and the terrace full with happy people.

This was funny, behind the dj was a sign "Dancing Forbidden".

There were 4 designers and the clothing was pretty hidious. The first dresses were awfully tacky, the next ones a bit better, the third ones underwear dresses??? and the last 2 guys had designed prints & t-shirt... No comments!

Best part for sure was my friend Yamal modelling the underwear!!!

She was the prettiest model. (OMG, I have become like a guy, I am judging women already. I need to change back to feminine dresses, the loose pants effect my behaviour negatively...)

Some more friends joined us from Paris and we continued the evening at Naviglio for late dinner and drinks. It has been so hot here that I have no appetite before ten at night. Luckily champagne is cold and fresh always. ;o)