Thursday, July 23, 2009

Champagne e BBQ sul Lago Maggiore

I was almost done with my work in Milan and felt slightly restless while waiting for my vacation to start. You know the feeling when you have worked so hard with something and then you realize that you don’t have a new project where to concentrate 24/7. I felt empty and my dear friends sensed that when they suggested a weekend away from Milan. The story continues here.

Maison Dubosk

I always tell you just about working like a maniac or having aperitifs under the warm Italian evenings. This time I will introduce to you my friend Stefania. I had heard a lot about her from her parents, but it wasn’t until this February when we had the chance to meet the first time. Finally!
These times when the economy doesn’t look that promising and fashion houses after another report bad results, you really need to be creative to keep on doing what you love the most. Stefania started her own T-shirts business. Here is her story...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glamarathon- corsa sui tacchi a spilli

The day after I had returned from Germany, started the official sales in Italy. That means that even the designer brands lower their prices (read: Armani -50%, Gucci -50%, Burberry -50% etc.) Last year I made some great finds from Corso Como 10 and that is where I wanted to visit this time as well. Luckily I didn’t find anything worth spending. The story continues here:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bread & Butter a Berlino, giorni II & III

I was supposed to post this second part of my Berlin trip already last week, but finishing the winter collections I was working with took all of my time. (So sorry…)

The second full day in Berlin I had a business meeting in Bread and Butter with the company I am working with. The lunch turned out to be longer than expected and very nice indeed. Afterwards I went to see people that I know and took these pictures from Rucanor’s exhibition stand. I think their shoes are really cool and for sure more affordable than Converse, Adidas and Puma. The story continues here.

Bread & Butter a Berlino, giorno I

On Tuesday I flew to Berlin via Zurich. I was sure to miss my flight or at least my luggage with the short connection change (30min), but I made it. The trip started kind of funny… I made some new companionships already onboard and I got driven to the hotel by two young gentlemen and a lady. My friends were already in town and they wanted me to join them for dinner. I was so tired of all the hectic past weeks that I just felt like having a glass of red wine in the hotel’s summer garden. I stayed in the Kempinski Hotel Bristol, which I can highly recommend for everybody. It felt like in Kämp, Helsinki. The story continues here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Un giorno a Firenze

Just to proof that my life wouldn’t get to be too boring, I had to travel to Florence for a job interview on Friday. I had an afternoon meeting with the creative director of a Florentine fashion company.
Like always in Italy, I had to wait for 30 minutes to meet the man in charge. It was pretty interested just to meet him in person. I adore the latest collections of the brand, but moving to Florence wasn’t the first thing in my mind… We’ll see! The story continues here.

L’ora dell’aperitivo

On Wednesday morning I dragged myself to the showroom of Alexander McQueen without barely any sleep. I can just wonder how the models and rock stars make it to work the next day… My cure was water; lots of water in the 30 minutes taxi drive stucked in the morning traffic. I was so tired that I couldn’t even think how to survive the day working again. For my relief somebody had mixed the schedules big time and they relieved me. There was a God!!! The story continues here.

Festa con Coolio

On Tuesday evening I had gotten an invitation to Diana Majestic for a cocktail party. Paul & Betty, a young shoe brand would present their new collection for the spring/summer 2010. I had heard that the aperitif in the garden of the hotel is always great so I was excited to see what the evening would bring to us. The story continues here.

Showroom di Vivienne Westwood

On Monday morning I started working at the showroom of Vivienne Westwood. My friend stayed sleeping home, on the table I had left the map of Milan and a ticket to the tram/metro. What a friend I am… She flies here and I keep on working. Got to calm down a bit I guess. The story continues here.

Backstage a Giuliano Fujiwara

The last fashion show I worked on Sunday was Giuliano Fujiwara. I had completely forgotten how I promised myself in January that I wouldn’t work for him anymore. We were supposed to start there at 4PM, but I believe it was way later than 6PM when they finally let us in. The Japanese staff was freaking out like the last time and I was wondering why they even needed us. The story continues here.

Backstage a Vivienne Westwood

I have started to see light in the end of the tunnel. I have worked like crazy to finish all the tailoring works I have had. My German design boss must be furious of not hearing of me for more than a week. I had to hire extra help to get everything done and still 2 pairs of hands weren’t enough. We really finished the last possible night. It was funny to see that the stress of Marangoni’s and IED’s final exam’s were driving some people insane. Mainly my clients were sweet, but the last girl made me furious. She still gives me shivers when I think of her. The story continues here...

Domenica Brunch a Home Made Restaurant

I felt that I am missing all the other bloggers stories when not signing in here, so I desided that I will start posting always the start of the story here. The rest you can read from my new address...

My rush with works hasn’t eased. I feel that it is getting even worse. I am almost starting to count the mornings when all this should be over… (never?)

Still… last Sunday I made it to private brunch with my friend Max. He asked me out about a month ago and I told him that I would love to go, but not in the coming 3 weeks. I must be quite popular or then just insanely busy…? (Busy it is!) The story continues here.