Saturday, December 27, 2008

La settimana di natale a Rauma

The christmas week in Rauma has been busy. Visiting relatives and friends takes a lot of time. I was hoping to have time to sleep, eat, do sports, watch movies and start with my accessories collection, but all that was too much to ask. Like you can guess... sports and schoolwork has been the last things in my mind. Hih...
On Tuesday we went for x-mas lunch with my family and my aunt and oncle. Vanhan Rauman Kellari was okay, except the service. Well, christmas time...

On the 24th, the christmas eve, we always go to the market place to hear the city mayor`s speech. It is nice to meet all the old friends there.

My dad and I in front of the museum. The weather was chilly even without snow.

A view from my grand parents window in the Old Rauma.

In the evening after dinner, we have a tradition to go to the graveyard to light up canddles for my grandparents. It is always so beautiful there... though I was hoping it to be white this year. Maybe next year.

On the 26th my little brother has his nameday and we always make a strawberry cake for him. Nam...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ritorno a casa per natale

I arrived home to Rauma last night from Milan. My daddy picked me up from the airport and on our way from Helsinki, we got stucked in to a terrible weather. It was raining/ snowing and finally in Rauma it was white. I was so excited that I started to take pictures 2 in the morning. Hih... tired, I know! ;o)

Already early Monday morning we had to leave to Turku, to my old home city, because I had a dentist appointment... No more snow on the way, damn!!! I managed to see a few of my best friends in the short time and witnessed little Benjamin becoming an adorable little boy. He was so cute! I wonder if I could write to Santa and ask one of those packages as well. Blond hair with brown eyes, please. Screw the career in fashion business and working in the spring fashion shows. Hih...Maybe not!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Contraddizioni in Italia

I had a rather interesting Friday... I got mails that I had been waiting for and I got errands done. Maybe here is future after all in this racing city. Here in Italy are so many things that drive me nuts, but some others which I just adore and can`t live without... :o)
I met my friend briefly for coffee. Every single day when walking to school I pass by this amazing coffee and I never have time to stop there. On Friday we enjoyed our 6€ tea there. Nice! We also stopped by in Louis Vuitton and while waiting for the service, we got offered champagne. I think that I need to go there more regularly... just for the bubbling. ;o) I had a hairdresser as well, but when going there as agreed, it was fully booked. They fitted me in somehow... luckily, but when paying of my treatment they ripped me of big time. When do these Italians learn that if I get shity service I never return there...

After the hairsalon I went to buy some leggins from Calzedonia. I was already afraid when entering there, because I knew there would be lady service and my dread was totally right. The worse service ever in this country. So from now on I buy my leggins from somewhere else. While taking pictures from the tram, some nice gentleman offered to take a picture of me. Nice! On my way home, I stopped to buy some parmiggiano for my dad and got treated like a princess in my favourite corner shop. The owner is always so sweet to me. So here is my point again, I just can`t decide whether to like here or not... Maybe when flying to Finland on Sunday night for vacation, I get some things straighten up in my mind...

Friday, December 19, 2008

L`ultimo giorno prima la vacanza

Last day of school before the vacation, which comes perfectly in time... We all need to sleep and rest so badly. The last class we had on Tursday was Mario`s patternmaking. In the beginning of the class we were 6... and in the end just the three of us; Monica, Daniela and I. (I bet we were the teacher`s dream class... ha haa)

We wanted to celebrate the beginning of the christmas break with a nice cena in Brera with some sparkling... We had great time again. ;o)

Piazza La Scala looks always amzing with all the lights and I can`t stop taking pictures when I pass it by.

Fila presenta Love Match

On Wednesday evening we planned to go to the charity event & party which was organised together with Wallpaper-magazine and my school. We were kinda glueless what it was until we got there, to Villa Necchi Campiglio. We founded out that three of our former students had designed T-shirts to Fila and they were presenting them there.... and hoping to sell as many as possible. Luckily the gorgeous male models updated us with the info. ;o)
Before the evening we had a full school day and the exam of Digital design. Feeling partly already on vacation, restless and lacking motivation to study, we sneaked out from Andrea`s class to La Rinascente for aperitifs. The laughter was easy and even easier when we travelled to the event with Mariana and Noni by bike.

This picture and my friends` faces are amazing... When we saw this picture we became so loud, almost hysterical. I am sure the entire Nottingham Forest- bar heard us. ;o) I am so sorry girls this is here, but it is just too funny.

The gang; Daniela, Mariana, Noni, Monica and me. Noni isn`t travelling anywhere... that is just a normal schoolback for us.

Later we made it to this famous bar that we had heard to make delicious coctails. It turned out to be a great place to meet interesting people... Kippis girls!!! (Cheers!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Catwalk Row

My childhood friend has been begging for me to put up some of my works. Finally here comes something. Catwalk row is a part of our collection. The layout doesn`t normally look like this, but I thought that it is better to be in one paper.
This is from Streetwear collection for women and men. My inspiration was Diesel in St. Tropez... I know, I can never make it normal, it has gotta be luxury. I just love silks, wools and other natural materials too much. ;o) The whole collection was made with computer... meaning that I needed to learn to use photo shop and illustrator well. My teacher liked my designs so all the hard work paid off.

These micro shorts I just finished, still working with the dress. We are now making one outfit into real clothing. I chose the first figurino that you can see in the picture. Micros and a denim/silk-dress. Can`t wait to wear them next summer to Portofino. *Dreaming again...* ;o)

Le luce

I love the lights in Milan. They are everywhere, even in my homestreet... Though it is dark when I return from school it doesn`t matter, the lights cheer me up.
If I am taking the tram home, I normally walk with Daniela to the beginning of Via Torino. Two days ago I was wearing my beautiful Sonia Rykiel`s high heels and I was pretty tall with them... (you can see them in "Le scarpe", written in June). We had a talk and she forbade me to wear them anymore if I am with her. I guess that is reasonable, me being 185cm and her about 30cm shorter isn`t that nice, only funny...

La Scala last night looked amazing. When I return from my christmas vacation, I am planning to enlighten myself again in La Scala... maybe opera this time. And I promise that I won`t drag any men there with me. I have learned that men and ballet won`t fit in the same sentence... :o)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Italia contro Finlandia

Italy, Finland or somewhere else... For the last couple of days I have really been thinking where do I want to live. I know that a lot depends of where I will find the job, but still... I will only apply for the places where I could imagine living. This will not be an easy decision. I know my parents and friends are hoping for me to move back to Finland. Great idea, but the employment supply isn`t that great there around my industry... Or how many big design houses can you name from there? Hmm... ZERO! Marimekko is the only one and I think Samu-Jussi Koski has it totally under control. Hih..
This picture is from my way to school this morning. It was snowing today again... ;o) Loved it!!!

These pictures are from Galleria. It is always beautiful there. It is my shortcut to the tram that I also take home. In my life nowadays, these are my only walks in the fresh air during the day. What has happened? Unbelievable how much time and energy the school takes... Well, it is soon over and my walks couldn`t be better than by Duomo and Galleria... (Brera) or could they???

Too many questions in my mind... I have decided to concentrate on my studies and let the future bring all the answers. Life is too short anyways and too much worrying just gives me wrinkles and that is no good for a blondie. Hah haa...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fiera di Sant'Ambrogio

My friend Teemu missed our dinner on Friday evening so we made other plans to meet. Today is the feast of Sant´Ambrogio, Milan`s patron saint and I had heard that there would be a market which I wanted to visit. Hmmm... I don`t think we found it, because we ended up to the Duomo. It didn`t matter. We had good time walking in the beautiful weather under the blue sky. It is always good meeting Finnish people, especially now under Finland`s independence day. I guess that for the first time here in Milan I am a bit homesick. It must be because of having a bit rougher week. I am stressed of the future and I have totally lost my motivation to study. I am desperately in a need of a break from all of this. I am dreaming of a skiing holiday, fireplace, good company and glögg. ;o)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

La cena a Trattoria Toscana

Last night we went for dinner in Ticinese with my Finnish and Italian friends. I found out about the nice restaurant when my friend from Finland was visiting me. It is kinda funny to enter, you need to walk through the kitchen to get there. It is a restaurant and also a bar/club where people came for drinks.
Me and Anne.

Matteo, Gabriele and Alberta.

The atmosphere was great. I really liked it, very much Italian with all the candles and soft lights. I want to return there for sure with more appetite than this time. For me eating at 10PM is too late.

It looked like this... My other pictures didn`t turn out that well, too bad. Now back to studying in my freezing appartment. This is starting to be intolerable. I will change for sure my flat in the spring, if not even the country... ;o)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mamma mia, che paese!!!

I was so pissed of yesterday that I couldn`t even update my blog. Let me start from the beginning. On Monday evening we had to leave from school earlier because the strike would start again and everybody wanted to get home in time. That was okay, but on Tuesday morning I left to school at 9AM like normally finding out that the metro was broken. Yes, so I desided to take the tram instead. Usually it is fine coming home from Duomo, but this time in the morning number 2 was terrible. I bounced 50 minutes between two men in phones in burning hot sardine can just to get to school too late not being able to register anymore. Just great!
There is a slight problem in our group of people skipping the classes. My teacher warned us that 60% of the people might not be able to take the final exams if they continue like that. I am not in the hot line. I think that it is kinda smart to go to the school if I pay about 150€ per day. Well, that is just my opinion. ;o)

Yesterday we wanted to have lunch in this 7€ restaurant that everybody kept praising. Sure 7€ of bad service, cold and dry meet. I am not in the favour of Italian women. They dislike me big time. Two weeks ago one young lady almost drove over me. Nice! I am sure she saw me walking, but ups...that tall blond just appeared from nowhere.

After school we went to Hermès to do my luxury collection research with my friend Shahar. I knew that the atmosphere would be like in Chanel so I was dressed chic like always. Downstairs the service was good but upstairs in women clothing, oh my good... and ladies again. I desided to start speaking only english to get better service, but I couldn`t find all the persons being able to communicate with me so I had to speak Italian again. Getting the info I needed was so difficult. Feels that Hermès is better kept secret than my pincodes. After speaking with 4 people, I finally got a number where to call. Today calling there I got advised to contact an other person by e-mail and here I am hoping that these wonderful Italians will aswer to my kind e-mail. (I still haven`t heard from Diesel or Missoni, where I mailed 1,5 months ago.) Nice to have some excitment in life!

Well, I am not done yet. When coming home by metro I got in the feet of a crowd and got stucked by a pole, people still pushing behind me like it would be the last ride in the world. So great! Why are these people so arrogant. I am always nice and polite to everybody, I speak Italian and I really really try, but not anymore. I will start speaking only english and I will be as rude as they are. We will see then who laughs the best then.

I finally got home and called to my landlord. I have been waiting for a repair for my heater since summer. Just by sudden she tells me that they have gotten an other opinion from someone else (who hasn`t even seen the heater) and it doesn`t have to be fixed. So great again! I heard the repair man saying with my own ears in the summer that IT IS NOT SAFE!!! So I continue freezing and my life in the appartment with +12C. All of these changes were made after I gave a notice of this place, that I might leave in May if I don`t find a job in Milan. (Here in Milan the rent contract is 4+4 years and notice time 6 months.)

This was just one of my perfect Italian days again. ;o) Today I can already laugh, but yesterday... I feel that I need to fight too often in this city to survive and not to lose my temper. Can`t wait for the job hunt. ;o) Again I have to be thankful for my great great friends... You are so important! ;o) I feel that after moving to Milan I have almost totally lost contact to my own family in Finland. So sad, I am not so far away... Not so easy always in this amazing country. Luckily I am a tough girl!!! All these pictures are from today, just some places where I pass by. (In the last one my friend Noni bying dinner.)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ancora domenica, mercato di Naviglio

We have gotten used to go to the outdoor market of Naviglio. It is hold on the last Sunday of almost every month. It feels like last week when I was there with my Bionda, but it must be a month ago. Time really flies here and I don`t even want to think what will happen in February after graduation. I need to find a job which pays more than 1500€ and really deside in which country to start living... of course it depends of the work I will find... (gasping)...
Some days ago we got snow to Milan, but today it was only freezing cold by the canal. I find it amusing that some of the sellers recognize me by the booths. Come on... I go there once a month and there must be thousands of other shoppers. Hih...

Today my compagnion was Socrates from Marangoni. Every girl should have at least a few gay best buddies... like Stanford for Carrie. ;o) It has been so busy at school that we haven`t had well time to catch-up lately. Fortunately we still have msn and this lovely Sunday at Naviglio. I have to admit that he was replazing my Bionda pretty well with shopping and observing all the "kitsch".

Some photographer stopped us and wanted to take pictures of him. So cool! I would love to see them when they end up to Arena magazine.

The lady and Socrates checking out the result. I didn`t think that it would get this cold already in November here in Milan. Afrer our "research" trip around the canal our fingers were so frozen that we wanted to have a lunch with some great red wine to get warmer. For dolce we had some "torta di chocolate con il gelato"...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Io, nottambula???

My friend called me today "nottambula". It means "yökyöpeli" or in English "night owl". I like the word in Italian, it is so funny!!! I guess he was totally right. Since I got my new best friend, wake-up light by Philips, I have started to sleep much longer and stay awake much much later. Maybe all the staying awake during last weeks have something to do with it as well, but still... How can I sleep so well with the radio and bright light next to my head. That is so weird!!!
Anyways... we got snow today in Milan and what I heard from the radio, the city was in chaos. I personally felt so homely. Hih... As soon as I got up (in the afternoon) I rushed out to enjoy it. My plan was to go for a long walk, but after 500 meters my snowboots were soaking wet. Instead I only took care of my errands.

All these pictures are from via Tortona. That is the home area of design shops and modelling offices. I had to pick up a skirt from the tailor and find a cobbler to repair my boots. It still isn`t that easy here finding the services you need... Luckily my dear portiere Eugenio always gives me a helping hand. On Tuesday I tried for a first time an Italian hairdresser in San Babila, Toni & Guy (I know British) and was pretty satisfied. Who wouldn`t be with that cute guys pampering you... ;o)

I have a tiny problem in my appartment here in Milan. In the summertime it was like sauna with a temperature +50C and now in the wintertime it is freezing cold. I have gas heating, but the repairguy visiting me in the summer told me that it isn`t that safe to use it. So I only have the heating on when I am home, but not when I am sleeping. The son of the owners said that he never sleeps with the gas on.... so usually when I come home from school or wake up the temperature is +12C. It is only November, what will I do in January??? I usually drink a class of red wine in the evenings to stay warm, but hey.... January??? I`ll become an alcoholic and most propably never graduate.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La scuola dura

One of my friends said last week in FB that my life is sad, there is nothing else than school and homework. That was pretty much the truth. I lived for school 24/7... but I got great marks in the first exams so I don`t mind. That is why I paid a fortune to study here. It might be different for some others who are here just to party and because "Pappa betalar".
On Monday we returned our collections and already got new information for the next luxury and accessory- collections. I have felt kinda lost for the past days. It has taken time to get motivated again for the new assignments. I have felt that I don`t have to work the entire night again for the next days homework, but still I should. The workload we have to do before christmas break is absurd. I still haven`t realised it... that is why I met my friends for aperitivo on Tuesday evening in Fashion Cafe and slept last night 12 hours. I am taking a break today to get started again...

Last weekend I had my friend visiting me from Finland. On Saturday we relaxed a bit. We had a great dinner at Officina 12, visited new restaurants, bars and clubs. It was fun! I was all done with my work and I even had time to do some new research, that was good... But still getting your mind and body focused on again is not easy.

This is the view of our classrooms. There is 5 classes in the same huge long room. In the beginning it was strange to start studying here but now it is totally normal.

This was the atmosphere on Monday after the exams. Some of my friends hadn`t slept for the past 2 days and fell asleep at school after the exam and others were still finishing their work. So normal!!! Some lucky ones had spend the weekend travelling in Boston, London etc... ;o)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Marangoni party

Finally there was some little time to relax. It has been absurd at school. Really!!! I counted yesterday briefly that I have worked for school more than 400 hours in one month. Do you think that is normal? Still the Finnish covernment says that I am not a full time student and doesn`t give me any financial support, screw them!!!
Last night I got my Finnish friends over for some good wine, snacks and chatting. It was great! Later the same night would be the annual Marangoni party at Amnesia. I thought that it would be great to see that and finally go dancing. It was way too late when we left my house, so we desided to go straight to Amnesia with Kristiina. She flew to Milan yesterday to see me and other friends. Unfortunately we couldn`t convince Anne and Irene with us...
After a taxi drive through the dark city we made it to Amnesia. It was packed with people!!! I believe there was more than 1500 partiers. I first thought that they were all of our students and their friends, but Marangoni partys are famous in town of the pretty girls and boys so... ;o)
Some sexy dancers on stage...

Kristiinas friends joined us at Amnesia.

Here I am with Christian and Guido.

When leaving the club we had a tiny problem... Christian had a Smart and we were 4 tall adults. Hmmm... What to do? There were takers for me, but hey, Milan at night time with strangers. No way!!! We somehow got us packed to the car like sardins in a can and I made it home safely... extremely tired, but happy. ;o) Today, back to studying and working hard... I wonder when will I have the change to relax like this again.