Friday, August 29, 2008

Il rilassante domenica a Turku

From Helsinki my trip continued to Turku, to my old hometown. Jenni picked me up from the station and we went to my favourite Italian for dinner. Sergio`s pizza and a class of red wine was just the perfect way to start Sunday evening.

A view from the riversside of Turku.

You know that I love the movie "Sex and the city". To my fortune Jenni hadn`t seen it yet and wanted to see it, so it became a movie evening. Perfetto! Sunday, Turku and Poro (Raindear). That is how it goes. Poro is a finnish style-bar where we like to chill when I am in town... That is where we spend my last free night, before returning to Silja Galaxy for a week of work.

Il sabato con gli amici a Helsinki

On Saturday after we finally got up with my friend Eve, we headed downtown to meet Jenni. Like in Italy when friends meet we wanted to eat and drink. Something greasy and of course some red wine...

In the centre we saw ladies attending "the high heel-race". Sounded so much fun that I am planning to race next year wearing my Sonia Rykiels which are only 15cm high. That would be so cool, but I most propably would end up to doctor`s table for a knee operation... So maybe not.

What else can you except after good dinner, a bottle of red wine and a free weekend in Helsinki with best friends than more partying!!! Yeah, we ended up to American Bar where my friend works. By mistake we started to drink through the drinklist... Amazing rom-drinks! Thank you Riku!

My wife/best friend, Eve and me. Isn`t she cute? And we are like night and day, I guess opposites attract. ;o)

After drinking more red wine and changing cuter partyclothing, we headed to Apollo-night club with Juuso and Eve. There we met some more friends and continued until the dawn. I like free weekends a lot!!!

Here I am with Mikko and his brother Jake, crazy boys from Oulu.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guess VIP-festa

Last Friday I finally made my trip to Helsinki. I have a lot of friends there and I needed to see them before returning to Milan. I got an invitation to the vip-party of Guess at Lux-night club and of course wanted to go there. Before the party I had aperitivos with my friend Kristiina and like always with friends, the time flew way too fast. I realised I had to run to my best friend`s place to change into partygear. From her apartment I speedwalked to our dinnerdate with others. It was great to be back in the capital.

The vip-guests hang out at the terrace. I think that Lux is a perfect place to show for foreign visitors in Helsinki. Beautiful view over the city. Here I am with Toni and Tomi.

There was also a fashion show with the latest clothing of Guess which no one saw. Models were finnish celebrities and at least my eyes were on them. The guest star of the evening was Sweden`s gift to the world: Victoria Silvestedt. What a blondie!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lavoro, sempre lavoro

I am addicted to shopping... and work! Somehow I need to finance everything I want in life, but I don`t think that it is only that. I can`t say "no" to work and I can`t just stand still or be without an aggenda packed to top. It is a never ending carousel. I guess I am at my best when I am under pressure and have too much to do. I worked at Silja Galaxy for some days at parfym and retail-boutiques. It was fun, though my feet were screaming halleloojah after wearing high heels every day. It was also great to realise, that I still could speak sweadish after concentrating totally into italian language. On Wednesday morning I got out of the "boat" for 24 hours. My day at Turku was packed with meetings and running errands. I had dentist twice, beauty salon-appointment, RAY 70 years-brunch with Jenni, meetings with my girl friends Iina and Krisse and dinner with my school friends Eija, Satu and Jenni. I wanted to see some other people as well, but there was no time and I was exhausted when I finally got to bed after midnight. I returned to the sea for 5 more days the next morning and worked for Paf, a casino- company from Ă…land.

Here we are with Satu, Jenni, me and Eija going for drinks after a great dinner at Bossa.

Friday, August 8, 2008

La vacanza a Rauma

I am just finishing my first official week of "vacation" in Rauma. I need to start working tomorrow morning in Turku. I step on board to Silja Galaxy, which sails to Stockholm, Sweden. It is always great to assume that you can relax in Rauma... My mom has always million things for me to do, so relaxing is far far away. ;o)

Yesterday evening we went to pick up some raspberries from my aunt`s garden. Nice to eat them staraight from the bushes, though it was raining a lot. Life here is far from the glam and high heels I love to wear in Milan. My only glamourous thing here, that I won`t ever give up, is champagne. I don`t complain of sleeping late, sauna, home cooked-food (if I cook it myself), baking desserts and eating fresh berries every day. It is just different than in Italy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Il weekend a Turku

For the last weekend I went to Turku. My plan was to work a bit and meet my friends during the day. On Friday evening we went for dinner at Sergio`s with Petra, Krisse, Lani and Hanna. The food was great like always. It was fun to chat and listen to live music at the same time. There was DBTL- festival in town, so we were automatically in the middle of the summerparty.
Petra and me.

Hanna and Lani.

After the dinner we moved to Marina Palace`s terrace for drinks. The evening was warm and it was cool to watch finnish people starting their parties in the riverside. Unfortunately I had to leave to work. I had promised to my friend Jenni to go to sell tickets at Giggling Marlin-night club. She was short of workers. It was fun again at work and the crew was nice. I used to sell tickets in Berlin-night club a decade ago. Sweet memories.

On Saturday I spent some time shopping and running errands downtown. In the afternoon we went to the summertheatre with Jenni to watch my friend Ville play in "The wedding singer". It was an entertaining few hours. Afterwards we met my friend Niina for dinner. The rainy night I spent working again.

On Sunday we drove to Naantali to see "Kekkuli". My friends Maikki and Ville got a baby-boy one week ago. OMG he was cute!!! It was great to spend the day just relaxing and chatting with girls. In the evening I had to return to Rauma with full bus, which was 20 minutes late. While waiting for the bus in the cold evening wearing my slippers, I started to miss warm Italy and my life there...