Friday, August 8, 2008

La vacanza a Rauma

I am just finishing my first official week of "vacation" in Rauma. I need to start working tomorrow morning in Turku. I step on board to Silja Galaxy, which sails to Stockholm, Sweden. It is always great to assume that you can relax in Rauma... My mom has always million things for me to do, so relaxing is far far away. ;o)

Yesterday evening we went to pick up some raspberries from my aunt`s garden. Nice to eat them staraight from the bushes, though it was raining a lot. Life here is far from the glam and high heels I love to wear in Milan. My only glamourous thing here, that I won`t ever give up, is champagne. I don`t complain of sleeping late, sauna, home cooked-food (if I cook it myself), baking desserts and eating fresh berries every day. It is just different than in Italy.

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