Thursday, October 30, 2008

I giornali

Last spring when I moved to Milan, I tried to inform all my friends that I will be gone for a while. Who knows when I will return to Finland... Anyways, my friend made a story about Milan and he wanted to interview me there. We made it all on-line (because he didn`t know that I live here while he spent the weekend over), but I think it turned out to be pretty good. It is a Finnish magazine called Stara. If you can get it to your hands, I am sure you will enjoy reading it...
I thought that it is kinda funny that Anna Abreu is in the cover. She is an Idols-singer whom I know earlier... Small world!

Bella Milano!!!

I love fashion magazins. I need them for my studies, but even without that I have always bought quite a few of them. Today I got a new Grazia where I found this charming picture of my favourite George Clooney. Georgieeeeee........ Hih!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

La settimana impegnante

What a week again!!! I now totally understand the meaning of intensive one year-course. That is what I am doing in Marangoni. It is really three years studies in one year. I am nowadays dreaming of sleeping, having time to go running in the mornings and eating healthy... let`s just say eating. Is it normal to do schoolwork until 5am and still go to school for the entire day?
Today was again the monthly antics market in Naviglio. I met my friend Irene for lunch and at the same time visited the pharmacy for some cold medication... Yeah, I have gotten fever, because of the stress and not sleeping enough.

If I would consider wheels under me, this would be the most reasonable option... so cute in light green. Okay, Porsche, Mini and Audi go as well, but then I would love to have a driver as well... ;o)

On Thursday I needed a break from all the schoolwork and decided to stay awake for something else than studying all night long. My friend Anne came over and we had a great "cena". Afterwards we left to Corso Como to meet my friends. The street and its bars are always highly spoken, but I wouldn`t agree... We ended up to the legendary Hollywood- night club, which has finally re-opened. I was a regular there about 10 years ago and I must say that it hasn`t changed much...

This advertisement I saw while waiting for the metro. It says: "Chi ha detto che gli uomini preferiscono le Bionde= who has said that the men prefer blonds". Yes, who has said that... I just wonder??? Ha haa...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sabato sera a Naviglio

Hmmm... This picture makes me laugh from last night! I still don`t know who the guy kissing my cheek is. He ran to the picture behind us. ;o) My best friend has finally arrived back to Milan from Finland. We haven`t seen each other since July, so it definately was time to celebrate it with sparkling wine in Naviglio. We had a great dinner at my favourite local, Pizzeria Premiata.
Afterwards we met my friends at Officina 12. That is a cool restaurant with amazing interior. The red wine Nero d`Avola tastes always as good there...

My Bionda "loves" pictures, so this is the only one I am allowed to put here.

My friends Paolo and Marcello are always happy to help me with my blog material. :o) Too bad you can`t see my shoes, they are sexy red high heels. (I know someone special who loves them...)

We skipped "dolce" (dessert) earlier and people who know me, know fine, that I love desserts. I like Italy so much, because here is always Gelateria open late at night. Caffe, tiramisu, cioccolato fondente... Nam!

This time we chose crepes with Nutella for dessert. Everybody must know this sweet chocolate stuff in jar?!? While living in Italy, I have gotten a huge addiction to Nutella. I can`t live without it anymore. I need a Nutella toast or actually two every day. (Thanks honey for introducing me with it...) Well, if Nutella makes me happy, why live without it... just as long as I stay skinny... ;o)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sonia Rykiel

I adore Sonia Rykiel. She is a French fashion designer who is crowned "Queen of Knits" by the Americans. Her store is close to my school and I walk past it every day twice. This year she celebrates 40 years anniversary and on Thursday she had a party at her Milan boutique. I got an invitation to the party and went there with my dear friend Socrates after school.
Elena goes Marangoni as well. She studies fashion business and loves Sonia like I do...

The waiters made sure we didn`t run out of champagne and some little delicious things to eat. The cake tower behind us was eatable. Nam!!!

I have been working for the Streetwear- collection a lot...every single night. I basicly live with cafe now-a-days. Our school`s cafeteria is on the fifth floor and the rooftop view opening from there is quite amazing.

Here are Daniela, Socrates and Noni getting some fresh air and energy to continue at class again...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

La mia scuola... Istituto Marangoni

Wow, time flies again... I really feel, that I am back for the old school`s rhytm...NO sleep!!! It has only been two weeks, but the workload we have for school is absurd. Well, c`est la vie! I finally got my portfolio back from my teacher. I added some drawings from my Fastwear- collection, which I made in July. For the people who don`t understand fashion... Fastwear collections are made in quick schedule, they copy all the major R-T-W collections showed in the spring/ fall fashion shows. The clothing appear to the shops quite fast after that. Zara and H & M work like this for example...
Last week I got a visitor from Holland again for a few days. It was great!!! ;o) On Friday we drove to Switzerland, Mendrisio to do some research for my new collection in Foxtown`s outlets. It was nice, but I found the clothing there quite boring. Only La Perla didn`t let me down... sexy tiny lingerie... ;o) I wonder, if I could design lingerie???
On the weekend I cancelled my dinnerparty and continued to work for our Streetwear- collection.

On Wednesday after school we needed a drink... badly with my schoolfriends. Teachers had changed all the timings for the collections. So in a month we need to make two collections instead of one. The other one is now Knitwear-collection. Okay, it all sounds so easy, but we need to do it all with the computer... meaning to learn all the new programs. Yeah, so no sleeping to come...

Our Wednesday evening at Brera, Fashioncafe was lots of fun. It is still warm in Milan, so we sat outside and enjoyed. During my first semester at school I didn`t spend that much time with my schoolfriends... That`s pity! They are soooo much fun!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

La vita bella in Italia

First of all, I have missed having an internet connection. I ordered Fastweb about two weeks ago, but it still hasn`t arrived. School started again so now finally I can keep contact to all of my friends again. During the last weekend I had four Finnish friends visiting me. (I was supposed to have two overnight visitors, but...) My friend asked me last week, if I can keep company for two of his footboll-buddies and of course I agreed. From last Friday till this Monday we hang out together, ate well and drank too much...

On Monday just before they left we went "stivali" shopping. I got beautiful black Sergio Rossi`s boots. I just love them!!! (Thanks Jone!)

On Monday started the school again, but we didin`t have any classes in the afternoon. We only had to pick up some material for the coming semester. So.... we desided to go for an early aperitivo to the rooftop of La Rinascente.
I didn`t think before, that I missed my schoolfriends during the summer, but I totally did. ;o) It was so nice to see them again.

I can`t complain about studying and living in beautiful Milan! It is amazing!!! Who could miss back to rainy Finland???

Thursday, October 2, 2008

La vita italiana

I have had a vacation for the last weeks, but I haven`t felt like that. I have always some "tiny" errands to do or the voice saying inside of my head, that I should be doing something. My friend tried to explain me once, that he needs to travel out of home to really feel the vacation. He was so right, I feel exactly the same. I have felt restless for quite a long time already. I think, that I really need to go somewhere, I miss the sea... I would just love to go sailing for some days...
My dear friend, Teemu (Muurimäki) lives in Milan also. He is a designer, but always way too me! ;o) On Monday we finally had time to spend the afternoon together. It was sunny and we weren`t in a rush to anywhere. It was good to chat in Finnish for once. I can`t wait to see him again, he is such a good company.

We had a lunch, walked in the sunshine in Naviglio and ended up to a cafeteria. Nice... ;o)

This week I was also in a job interview to a company that is looking for movie models. We`ll see what will come out from that. I know I am not in my twenties anymore or neither a model, but they liked me. (And this has nothing to do with pornmovies, like my friends are joking!!!!) I have also met friends for aperitivos in new restaurants. I feel that I miss all my friends and contacts here in Milan, that I had in Finland. I really want to know more people, but it will happen piano, piano (slowly slowly)...