Sunday, March 30, 2008

My farewell party

I have best friends in my hometown Turku, but also in Helsinki... People always move, like I did. I wanted to see them as well, so I arranged a get-together party at the Ateljee Bar in Torni. After some prosecco there, we continued to DTM for Anna Abreu`s gig.
Here are my friends Amin, Eve, Juuso and me.

I got farewell kiss from my friend Petra.
Here are some quotes that I like:
Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. Richard Bach
The return makes one love the fairwell. Alfred de Musset
Farewell, fair cruelty. William Shakespeare


I am a Finnish girl, born and raised in an old Unesco heritage city called Rauma. I have always loved clothing, like I guess all the other little girls. When I was a child my daddy studied four years on the other side of Finland. He was home only for the weekends and while he was gone we had a lot of quality time with my mommy. My mom loved to sew me beautiful dresses and of course I used to help her the best I could.
When I was at school, I was designing Burdas for my Snoopy. Yeah, that`s true! As I got a bit older I started to design and make my own clothing. At certain point sewing just took too much time and I quit. Buying ready-to-wear clothing was just so much easier.
I graduated from high school and moved to Turku, which was Finland`s capital years ago. After too many years working in the night life, I desided to do something meeningful in my life. That was going after my childhood`s dream as becoming a fashion designer. I started to study clothing in Salo and graduated last christmas, 2007. Next step was the best fashion design school in the world, Istituto Marangoni. ;o) After many many e-mails during the last year and three visits to Milan, my dream was finally starting to become real.

I had my first interview with kind Daphne last May at the school in Milan and afterwards we were driving with my boyfriend to Orta San Giulio for a romantic get-a-way at Villa Crespi... the food was unbelievable. This picture was taken in Brunnen, Switzerland. We found a great outlook in Mendrisio on the way to Zurich...and I found a great pair of Gucci high heals of course...