Sunday, March 30, 2008


I am a Finnish girl, born and raised in an old Unesco heritage city called Rauma. I have always loved clothing, like I guess all the other little girls. When I was a child my daddy studied four years on the other side of Finland. He was home only for the weekends and while he was gone we had a lot of quality time with my mommy. My mom loved to sew me beautiful dresses and of course I used to help her the best I could.
When I was at school, I was designing Burdas for my Snoopy. Yeah, that`s true! As I got a bit older I started to design and make my own clothing. At certain point sewing just took too much time and I quit. Buying ready-to-wear clothing was just so much easier.
I graduated from high school and moved to Turku, which was Finland`s capital years ago. After too many years working in the night life, I desided to do something meeningful in my life. That was going after my childhood`s dream as becoming a fashion designer. I started to study clothing in Salo and graduated last christmas, 2007. Next step was the best fashion design school in the world, Istituto Marangoni. ;o) After many many e-mails during the last year and three visits to Milan, my dream was finally starting to become real.

I had my first interview with kind Daphne last May at the school in Milan and afterwards we were driving with my boyfriend to Orta San Giulio for a romantic get-a-way at Villa Crespi... the food was unbelievable. This picture was taken in Brunnen, Switzerland. We found a great outlook in Mendrisio on the way to Zurich...and I found a great pair of Gucci high heals of course...

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