Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cari amici

My dear friends Janne and Sara got a baby boy in May. Janne called me one night already to Milan to tell the news and I couldn`t wait to see little Benjamin. Unfortunately I was working the week they were visiting in Turku from Sweden. Despite of that we arranged a meeting in harbour for one hour.
I still can`t believe that he is nowadays a father and past his parties... Great! Today I got a phonecall from one of my best-best friends, Maikki, that they got a baby boy... and they got married as well. OMG!!!!! I am starting to get the feeling that it is time to start a family and get children. Hmmm... I think that for sometime now I don`t go with the flow, but keep on studying in Milan and going after my dream as a famous fashion designer... Babies can wait! Sorry mom!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lavoro sul mare

For the last week I have been working on board at Silja Europa. It is a cruise ship that goes from Finland to Sweden every day. We leave from Turku in the evening and sail over night to Stockholm, where we stop for one hour in the morning. In the summer we have a lot of turists and families and other times mainly party-people...and russians.

I worked in the tax free as a host. It was a lot of fun, but at the same time hard work. At some point I felt like a Duracell-bunny walking and going all the time. People who work on the boat have a bad reputation with parties and drinkings. Hmm... No comments!!!

I had a break every afternoon and for my luck, the weather was excellent. I got to spend some time on the helicopterdeck suntanning, chatting with friends and looking at the imaging scenery.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Turista a Rauma

On Sunday we were sightseeing in my hometown Rauma or that is how it felt. We went for coffee and looking all the second hand markets we could find open in the afternoon. I am hooked to vintage dressing and jevellery. It isn`t that easy to find something worth value though...
We parked the car in front of the church and I had to get some pictures of our beautiful church with mom.

This picture is taken in the market square and in the behind you can see the museum of Rauma.

In the evening we went to the movies with my brother Stefan to see Mamma Mia. Nice musical with beautiful scenery...

Partenza per Finlandia

On Wednesday, the day before my leaving back to Finland for almost two months, I was running errands downtown. I even had my first job interview in Italy. Great! I had to translate my curriculum vitae into italian for that, it turned out okay if I can say myself. Now I will just wait and see what happens in September...
I flew to Finland on Thursday night and was surprised that all stores in Malpensa were closed by 9 in the evening. From that I learned not to fly Blue1 that late again or buy all the souvenirs already from the city...
My awesome daddy picked me up from Turku bus station 5.50 in the morning and I made it to bed by 7.45 in Rauma. Some travellers go to bed when others wake up. What a journey back home!

After surviving Friday pretty much in coma, Saturday seemed much better. My dad had left to Hockenheim to see Formula 1´s so we were home just with my mom and brother. In our backyard grows forest strawberries wild. I had forgotten how sweet they taste. It is so much fun just to finally relax, sleep late, eat, drink champagne, take naps and read old magazines...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Il tempo libero

It takes some time to get used to all the free time you have, after living weeks in total chaos. I couldn`t understand in France, that it is possible to sleep in, have a morning swim, have brunch-instead of breakfast and just lay by the pool and read your book. My mind was still restless and it wasn`t easy to relax.

The view from the house is imagine. I could just sit by the pool for hours and look at the valley down. In the far right is Grasse, town famous from its parfymes. I wonder if my favourite: Chanel`s Allure Sensuelle is made there...?

The second night we went to Mougins for dinner. It was picture perfect village up in the hills. You couldn`t drive up there. We had to leave the car down and walk (in Gucci- heels of course) the rest. Restaurant la Méditerranée where we ate with M was great. I can`t remember when I have last eaten fish...

Friday, July 11, 2008

La vacanza

My vacation finally started. I had exams yesterday morning and took immediately after that the train to Nice, France. I got best possible grades from the teachers which surprised even myself. I worked extremely hard, I know, but still 10 from even fashion design. I couldn`t be more happy. ;o)

I am relaxing in Opio, tiny village, for a few day before returning to Finland for the summer. You will hear and see more from me later... Au revoir!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Monday morning I got a great surprise when going to school and finding out that there is a strike again. The metros had breaks when they didn`t work at all... I made it to school by tram finally only 30 minutes late. I have never seen the metrostation so packed like it was when I returned from school and people were rushing to their homes before the strike continued for the evening. I didn`t even fit to the first metro I tried... and my bum isn`t all that big!!!
My friend, Juha from Finland, stopped for a day in Milan on his way to Vienna. We had a nice dinner at Naviglio. It was a great break from all the school work. I honestly think, that how I am living now, isn`t good for your body. I only stay awake because of cofeine and after school I fall asleep sitting in the divan for 20 minutes. Today returning from school at metro, I "woke up" from my thoughts or should I say blind thoughts after 3 stops, kinda thinking worriedly if I missed my stop already. Two more nights to go and then I leave to France to... SLEEP!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Il giorno di saldi

The Saturday I had been waiting for finally arrived. I have been to Italy quite a few times when the sales start and it is awesome. Last January when they started the last time, I had organized to have my interview to Marangoni at the same time. Yesterday we started (and finished) shopping from Corso Como 10. It was my first time there and I can assume, that next January I will start from there again. It is a heaven on earth. All the designer brands under the same roof. The picture below is from the courtyard restaurant there.

After spending all my budget (luckily I had one) already at Corso Como 10, we headed to Duomo for lunch. Our plan was to enjoy the afternoon sun in a restaurant at Vittorio Emanuele. We wanted to go to the same one, where we had our first lunch together about 3 months ago with Irene. Pizza and spumante was great there... also was the sun. We both got burned quite badly. Two blonds first time in the Italian sun... Hah!!

I don`t think that you understand how much work the school gives us. It is unreal. I have lived the last three weeks with overly dosed by cofeine and kinda feeling sleepwalking everywhere I go. This morning when I started to prepare the final works for exams, I sewed through my finger. The needle really came out from the other side. You can imagine that my pulse was almost 200 and I was in a shock. It looked so absurd. Huh!! But don`t worry... I am alive and going strongly for the last week of hard work at school.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fashion Show

Last night was the annual fashion show of Istituto Marangoni, our school. There were actually two shows, because we had so many students, but we only participated to the first one. The show was quite good, I think. It was kept in a military school. At the same place Roberto Cavalli and Dsquared2 keep their fashion shows, cool, eh?

Afterwards we went for pizza at Naviglio with Irene. The evening turned into night before we even realised. What a surprise! We were kinda enjoying the last night together, before she returns to Finland. The time in Milan has gone by way too fast. I will miss my Bionda for sure. ;o) Luckily phonecalls are cheaper in Finland and in a few months we will be back together to bella Italia...

A view from the bridge to the canal. I think I chose my neighboorhood well, when moving to Milan. I love the area!!!