Sunday, July 6, 2008

Il giorno di saldi

The Saturday I had been waiting for finally arrived. I have been to Italy quite a few times when the sales start and it is awesome. Last January when they started the last time, I had organized to have my interview to Marangoni at the same time. Yesterday we started (and finished) shopping from Corso Como 10. It was my first time there and I can assume, that next January I will start from there again. It is a heaven on earth. All the designer brands under the same roof. The picture below is from the courtyard restaurant there.

After spending all my budget (luckily I had one) already at Corso Como 10, we headed to Duomo for lunch. Our plan was to enjoy the afternoon sun in a restaurant at Vittorio Emanuele. We wanted to go to the same one, where we had our first lunch together about 3 months ago with Irene. Pizza and spumante was great there... also was the sun. We both got burned quite badly. Two blonds first time in the Italian sun... Hah!!

I don`t think that you understand how much work the school gives us. It is unreal. I have lived the last three weeks with overly dosed by cofeine and kinda feeling sleepwalking everywhere I go. This morning when I started to prepare the final works for exams, I sewed through my finger. The needle really came out from the other side. You can imagine that my pulse was almost 200 and I was in a shock. It looked so absurd. Huh!! But don`t worry... I am alive and going strongly for the last week of hard work at school.

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