Monday, July 14, 2008

Il tempo libero

It takes some time to get used to all the free time you have, after living weeks in total chaos. I couldn`t understand in France, that it is possible to sleep in, have a morning swim, have brunch-instead of breakfast and just lay by the pool and read your book. My mind was still restless and it wasn`t easy to relax.

The view from the house is imagine. I could just sit by the pool for hours and look at the valley down. In the far right is Grasse, town famous from its parfymes. I wonder if my favourite: Chanel`s Allure Sensuelle is made there...?

The second night we went to Mougins for dinner. It was picture perfect village up in the hills. You couldn`t drive up there. We had to leave the car down and walk (in Gucci- heels of course) the rest. Restaurant la Méditerranée where we ate with M was great. I can`t remember when I have last eaten fish...

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