Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cari amici

My dear friends Janne and Sara got a baby boy in May. Janne called me one night already to Milan to tell the news and I couldn`t wait to see little Benjamin. Unfortunately I was working the week they were visiting in Turku from Sweden. Despite of that we arranged a meeting in harbour for one hour.
I still can`t believe that he is nowadays a father and past his parties... Great! Today I got a phonecall from one of my best-best friends, Maikki, that they got a baby boy... and they got married as well. OMG!!!!! I am starting to get the feeling that it is time to start a family and get children. Hmmm... I think that for sometime now I don`t go with the flow, but keep on studying in Milan and going after my dream as a famous fashion designer... Babies can wait! Sorry mom!!!

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