Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Monday morning I got a great surprise when going to school and finding out that there is a strike again. The metros had breaks when they didn`t work at all... I made it to school by tram finally only 30 minutes late. I have never seen the metrostation so packed like it was when I returned from school and people were rushing to their homes before the strike continued for the evening. I didn`t even fit to the first metro I tried... and my bum isn`t all that big!!!
My friend, Juha from Finland, stopped for a day in Milan on his way to Vienna. We had a nice dinner at Naviglio. It was a great break from all the school work. I honestly think, that how I am living now, isn`t good for your body. I only stay awake because of cofeine and after school I fall asleep sitting in the divan for 20 minutes. Today returning from school at metro, I "woke up" from my thoughts or should I say blind thoughts after 3 stops, kinda thinking worriedly if I missed my stop already. Two more nights to go and then I leave to France to... SLEEP!!!

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