Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Che bella Finlandia!

My Christmas break was full of action. It all started with flight delays and missing luggages. Thank you Finnair! (Just for a record; 6 out of 8 of our flights were delayed and twice there were no luggage.) Now I remember why I prefer other airlines. I feel slightly sorry, because the crew has improved in the past years.

I love winter and the weather was just gorgeous the entire time. I was happy to being able to use all of my Moon-boots. ;o)

We had quite a lot of get togethers the whole time and I guess my mom would have liked me to be home more… Sorry Mommy!
On the New Years Eve my friend hosted a dinner at her home and we had "Angels and Demons" as our theme. It was fun!

We had time to do our annual walking trip on the frozen sea and afterwards had a barbecue in the forest with some hot chocolate. Just loved every minute outside with my loved ones.

We got invited to the Vares premium in Turku the last week and that evening will stay in our minds for ever with the broken bones and hospital trips…

All of this feels like ages ago when back in business in Milan. Now waiting for the Men fashion Week to start…