Monday, September 29, 2008

Che domenica bellissima!

Do you ever feel that destiny has hands in your life? Why do certain things happen and why do you meet certain people? It is all too complicated for me... I guess I shouldn`t bother my blondie head with that, too much analysing just gives me a headache! ;o)
The first things that I got for my new appartment in May were a silver champagne cooler and candlesticks. (I was still eating with plastic forks etc...) I believe that was a beginning of a friendship with the owners of Stylelife- interior decorating boutique. Yesterday afternoon they had a coctail aperitif- party at Naviglio and I was of course invited.

The day was beautiful and the entire inner courtyard was decorated with weddidng dresses. It looked absolutely amazing and was a brillant idea. There was a lot lof people, because the Naviglio antics market was also held a few steps away. After drinks, snacks and some chatting we continued to the canal for lunch.

I had totally forgotten how much fun it was just to hang around in a good company and enjoy Milan. (For once I had free time...) From the market I found new black smaller bobbles for the dress I was wearing.

The Sundays for Italian people are special. They spend them with family and friends walking downtown, eating well, sitting in cafes, eating ice cream and just without a trouple in their mind... at least that is how it looked to me. ;o) I wondered why I have never seen the Duomo and Sforcesco that packed with people, but I used to do my homeworks for school every single free minute I had before the vacation... I totally need to arrange my time better for the coming months. I want to be part of this great Italian tradition!

"Destiny will prevail Heidi", is what my dear friend Paul said to me today... ;o)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

La settimana. (punto)

I love the italian word "punto" (period). Like my friends know, I use it a lot. ;o) I can`t better describe this week than that. After returning home to Milan and hosting all the guests, I was supposed to work in the Milan Fashion Week, backstage at shows. In July I was in the inteview and even traslated my CV into Italian. Yeah! Two weeks ago the agency said, that I would have plenty of work and long days, which turned out to be ZERO!!! Italia!!! (When do I learn not to trust them, blondie!!!)
I don`t actually mind resting a bit before the school starts, but the working experience and connections from there, would have been worth gold. So, finally I have had time to sew my new fall dresses. It has been great... until yesterday when I realised, that trapped inside 4 walls hasn`t been good for me. I started to get even on my own nerves and to someone elses as well...sorry baby! As a person who has used to beeing busy 24/7 this has been enough time of my own. (Punto).

Here are some tiny details of my new dresses. The first one, made of ethnic-silk, is my absolute favourite. This black lace-dress I designed for my Fastwear-collection in July. I fullfilled it a bit simpler. I love tiny dresses, because I can wear them anytime of a day depending how you apparel them... And my main attention will be school for the next months.

This silk was bought in Hong Kong about 1,5 years ago. My taste of fabrics is dangerously moving towards Cavalli... Animal and oriental prints, lots of silks, chiffons and bling bling!!!!

I like to get some comments of my blog, either here or then in my FB like my friends do. It keeps me motivated to write often and take new pictures all the time. It is somehow funny, that I am writing publicly, because my high school teacher Aukke thought once, that I can`t write even in Finnish. (Piste).

I got some comments of my old designs, where for I need to defend myself. Designing dresses and then also being able to make them by your own hands, isn`t that easy. I would love to make some more complicated designs, but then I will need some professionals to help me and much much more time to create them. One day though... At the moment, my designs are well hand made of high quality fabrics, classic cuts and every single one with a tiny detail. Later on, I will for sure use professional models, but for now, these dresses are made for my measures, so who else to model them than myself. ;o) And I even liked it... (Punto).

This is the last one for now, tiny silk dress, again... ;o) I even got it stained somehow already, so now I know, that it can be washed in drycleaning. I can`t believe what the cost is here: 2,20€. Amazing! Now I know why my dear dear blond friend washes even her sheets in Lavanderia. I can`t wait to get her back here... Baci tesoro!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Le foto rubate

I want to add these of my designs also here... One fotographer took pictures of me last January in Turku/Finland. After convincing me to be his model for quite a long time, I agreed... Not a good idea!!! He never gave me my fotos and in the end, threatened to call police of me harassing him. Great!!!! Just what I needed then... I downloaded these from facebook as raw images then. Thank you for my amazing digital design- teacher Andrea, I was finally able to work them a bit.

These designs I have made for my wardrobe to be worn everyday. I love travelling so it is good to have dresses for every occasion and of course in every colour. Finally here in Milan as studying fashion design, I can dress up everyday however I feel like. In Finland people used to stare if you dressed up in something else than in jeans and sweatshirts... Love to live in bella Italia!!!

I miei vecchi disegni

A few of my readers have been asking what kind of clothing I design, so I desided to add here some old pictures of my clothing. These followed ones I made for an exhibition which was hold November and December 2007 in Turun Kirjakahvila. The theme was "Lumiuni = Snowdream". I had the exhibition together with my schoolfriends Satu and Eija. It was a huge success.
I wanted to design something a bit Haute Couture and which I could also be possible to create besides the schoolwork and my work. So the time was totally limited, unfortunately. This is a dress with roses.

This is a nightdress with feathers.

The space-dress, which I use as an underdress.

My dad took all these pictures in Rauma by the sea. It was a chilly October Sunday morning and I remember that it was only +4C. It felt freezing cold after being in the wind for some hours, but I was pleased how the pictures turned out. My mom helped us as an assistant and tried to keep us warm. It was fun!!! This silk dress is my absolute favourite.

This is a silk dress with mink fur. I can`t wait to wear this to Bvlgari-hotel for aperitivos some coming fall evening.
These three to follow are for my final work at school in Finland. The model was the same, but the fabrics were different. I used wool, linen and silk.

The summery linen dress.

The little black woolen dress to be worn anytime, anywhere.

This dress was pictured in Halikko (by Satu), in the backyard of my school. It reminds me of an trolley-girl. The fabric is silk, which I wouldn`t think at first. I love to make my own clothing, because then you won`t see an other one walking against you on the streets. Hopefully one day some famous actress from Hollywood will want Heidi A.-designs... ;o)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

La settimana di rilassante

My dad and little brother left back to Finland on Monday evening and I got a new visitor already on Tuesday. My good friend Jussa came to see me for three days. Che finlandese!!! We hadn`t seen in a while, because he used to live in Australia and travel around the world, so we had a lot to catch up. Sorry, for not having any pictures, we kinda forgot them with drinking all that champagne...
Last night we went for drinks with my friend Anne to Naviglio and by mistake ended up partying all night long. Hih!!!

I know it wasn`t right what we did, but we culdn`t help it. Three guys started to follow us and we played tourists. OMG!!! It was so much fun! We pretended that we don`t understand any italian and the boys were troubled with speaking english. Much, much later we had to tell that we had understod all they were talking about... us. Hih hih!!!

After enjoying a few bottles of good Nero d`Avola from Sicily, we left to Old Fashion Cafe to party. Paolo was driving and I guess he thought he was a rallydriver. Hmmm... I don`t think I will never understand people here drinking at all and driving, but that is how it goes. The night club was packed with people, but there was a table waiting for us with drinks. Good service boys... ;o)

The whole evening was extremely lots of fun, just what I needed. ;o) My girl friends always tell me that I wear short dresses, but hey loves, this one is short!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lunedi freddo a Milano

I have had a busy week with my dad and brother visiting me. It has been far from normal. Today was the last day here for them. In the morning (trying to start my routines again) when I went running, the weather felt like in Finland. Later on I heard that the temperature was +13C. Freezing!!!
This cute piece of art was behind Galleria. The message feels powerful to me... only four letters in red. Wow, so simple!

Last group picture or Heidi-picture like Jenni, my friend, would say.

Me, me, me!!! I felt kinda excited of the sunny fall-weather and getting to dress into wool-cardigan. ;o) I don`t mind, if it still gets +30C, though...

There is this nice lunch place a few steps from Duomo, where I like to take my friends. The food was as good as it is always. Great place for last italian meal, I think. Arrivederci Papà e Stefan, ci vediamo a natale...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Formula 1, Monza

The Sunday of Formula 1. The final race was yesterday and we left to Monza with great expectations. Heikki Kovalainen was second after yesterdays qualifications and I was sure that he would win. Anyways, the train left to Monza from historic Central Station. It is always fun to chat with authority here in Italy. This polizia was extremely polite... Hih...

On our way to the seats we checked out the official stores in the racetrack.

My Hai- rubberboots were envied by many people, because...

...the ground was far from smooth, but hey, I guess this is Formula 1-life.

There was also Porsce Supercup. Nice fast cars... I want one, please!

We dressed like for winter, it was freezing cold in the rain. Heikki Kovalainen was second and Kimi Räikkönen was nineth, despite we cheered them by the racecirquit. I realised that all the glamour is most propably only around the drivers and their guests... Damn!!! Maybe next time I get to see that life...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Formula 1, Gran Premio Santander D`Italia

Today I had my first experience of the famous Formula 1. We had tickets to Monza for the whole weekend. Getting tickets to Monza wasn`t that easy. I tried to get them the entire time I spent here in Milan before my summervacation, but it was impossible. Finally I bought them on line in Finland and they arrived to me with UPS the second last day I was in Helsinki. Wow, things really don`t work that well here in Italy.
Anyways, we finally made it to the train to Monza, after returning from Central Station to Garbaldi Station and after asking from 3 different people (notice: we already had train tickets ready)!
After having perfectly sunny days the whole week, we witnessed terrible rain almost the whole racetime in Monza. Luckily I didn`t wear my Chanel- ballerinas to the track. I was covered with mud almost until my knees... Where is all the luxury of Formula 1`s??? I need my high heels (no dirt, please), champagne and glamour!!!

The noice was terrible!!!


What else can you expect than chaos in Italy!?! We missed the first train back to Milan, because we didn`t elbowfight hard enough (and I panicked a bit in the crowd). Yes, there was only one local train with three coaches. We finally made it to Milan with the next train leaving in one hour... We were lucky, cause the others had to wait for the third train... Italia!!! Why do I still love to live here??? ;o)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lago di Como

Yesterday my taxidriver/friend Giuseppe took us to the Como-lake for a private tour. First he had a surprise for my brother, though. We went to see Mc Laren`s Formula 1-car. It was in Milan for a day. Soooo cool!!! Imagine, this car Heikki Kovalainen used to race with it.

We drove to Bellagio, but first we stopped for drinks at his house. What a nice italian man! The weather was much nicer than in my last trip to Lago di Como, then it was pooring rain, though my company was great.

Bellagio was amazing, I know one more place in the world, where to return for sure. Actually, I would like to have a villa from here. What else could you ask for than waterfront, mountains and italians around you...

We drove almost around the lake. From Como we continued to Villa D`Este. It is famous for rich and famous people always staying there. From Cernobbio we went to George Clooney`s house. We were lucky and talked with his italian hairdresser who told us that he had left the house the day before yesteday. What a shame that we missed him by two days. Oh Georgieeeee......

Thursday, September 11, 2008

La mia famiglia in Italia

I have finally returned to Italy. So great!!! My dad and little brother, Stefan, flew here the same time with me. It is quite a hassle with two men in my tiny studio- appartment, so we have been sightseeing quite a lot. On Monday and Tuesday had Milan the main attention. Tuesday evening we even got tickets to La Scala with daddy. I just loved Carmen-ballet...
Here we are on Piazza Duomo with Stefan.

On Wednesday we took the train to Venetzia. The weather was amazing! First we cruised on Grande Canal with vaporetto. It was great to see the beautiful houses from the canal.

I have to admit, that I have totally fallen in love with this gorgeous old city. I am definately returning here for a longer vacation one day.