Saturday, September 27, 2008

La settimana. (punto)

I love the italian word "punto" (period). Like my friends know, I use it a lot. ;o) I can`t better describe this week than that. After returning home to Milan and hosting all the guests, I was supposed to work in the Milan Fashion Week, backstage at shows. In July I was in the inteview and even traslated my CV into Italian. Yeah! Two weeks ago the agency said, that I would have plenty of work and long days, which turned out to be ZERO!!! Italia!!! (When do I learn not to trust them, blondie!!!)
I don`t actually mind resting a bit before the school starts, but the working experience and connections from there, would have been worth gold. So, finally I have had time to sew my new fall dresses. It has been great... until yesterday when I realised, that trapped inside 4 walls hasn`t been good for me. I started to get even on my own nerves and to someone elses as well...sorry baby! As a person who has used to beeing busy 24/7 this has been enough time of my own. (Punto).

Here are some tiny details of my new dresses. The first one, made of ethnic-silk, is my absolute favourite. This black lace-dress I designed for my Fastwear-collection in July. I fullfilled it a bit simpler. I love tiny dresses, because I can wear them anytime of a day depending how you apparel them... And my main attention will be school for the next months.

This silk was bought in Hong Kong about 1,5 years ago. My taste of fabrics is dangerously moving towards Cavalli... Animal and oriental prints, lots of silks, chiffons and bling bling!!!!

I like to get some comments of my blog, either here or then in my FB like my friends do. It keeps me motivated to write often and take new pictures all the time. It is somehow funny, that I am writing publicly, because my high school teacher Aukke thought once, that I can`t write even in Finnish. (Piste).

I got some comments of my old designs, where for I need to defend myself. Designing dresses and then also being able to make them by your own hands, isn`t that easy. I would love to make some more complicated designs, but then I will need some professionals to help me and much much more time to create them. One day though... At the moment, my designs are well hand made of high quality fabrics, classic cuts and every single one with a tiny detail. Later on, I will for sure use professional models, but for now, these dresses are made for my measures, so who else to model them than myself. ;o) And I even liked it... (Punto).

This is the last one for now, tiny silk dress, again... ;o) I even got it stained somehow already, so now I know, that it can be washed in drycleaning. I can`t believe what the cost is here: 2,20€. Amazing! Now I know why my dear dear blond friend washes even her sheets in Lavanderia. I can`t wait to get her back here... Baci tesoro!!!

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