Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I miei vecchi disegni

A few of my readers have been asking what kind of clothing I design, so I desided to add here some old pictures of my clothing. These followed ones I made for an exhibition which was hold November and December 2007 in Turun Kirjakahvila. The theme was "Lumiuni = Snowdream". I had the exhibition together with my schoolfriends Satu and Eija. It was a huge success.
I wanted to design something a bit Haute Couture and which I could also be possible to create besides the schoolwork and my work. So the time was totally limited, unfortunately. This is a dress with roses.

This is a nightdress with feathers.

The space-dress, which I use as an underdress.

My dad took all these pictures in Rauma by the sea. It was a chilly October Sunday morning and I remember that it was only +4C. It felt freezing cold after being in the wind for some hours, but I was pleased how the pictures turned out. My mom helped us as an assistant and tried to keep us warm. It was fun!!! This silk dress is my absolute favourite.

This is a silk dress with mink fur. I can`t wait to wear this to Bvlgari-hotel for aperitivos some coming fall evening.
These three to follow are for my final work at school in Finland. The model was the same, but the fabrics were different. I used wool, linen and silk.

The summery linen dress.

The little black woolen dress to be worn anytime, anywhere.

This dress was pictured in Halikko (by Satu), in the backyard of my school. It reminds me of an trolley-girl. The fabric is silk, which I wouldn`t think at first. I love to make my own clothing, because then you won`t see an other one walking against you on the streets. Hopefully one day some famous actress from Hollywood will want Heidi A.-designs... ;o)


Anonymous said...

Again, standard stuff. I'm a bit disappointed that you decided to model yourself. Clothes look so much better when worn by professional models.

Katariina said...

Kauniita vaatteita! Olet tosi taitava! Kiva idea myƶs kuvata nuo luonnossa, rannalla, veden rajassa :)