Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Le foto rubate

I want to add these of my designs also here... One fotographer took pictures of me last January in Turku/Finland. After convincing me to be his model for quite a long time, I agreed... Not a good idea!!! He never gave me my fotos and in the end, threatened to call police of me harassing him. Great!!!! Just what I needed then... I downloaded these from facebook as raw images then. Thank you for my amazing digital design- teacher Andrea, I was finally able to work them a bit.

These designs I have made for my wardrobe to be worn everyday. I love travelling so it is good to have dresses for every occasion and of course in every colour. Finally here in Milan as studying fashion design, I can dress up everyday however I feel like. In Finland people used to stare if you dressed up in something else than in jeans and sweatshirts... Love to live in bella Italia!!!

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Anonymous said...

Standard stuff. But glad you like them.