Saturday, September 13, 2008

Formula 1, Gran Premio Santander D`Italia

Today I had my first experience of the famous Formula 1. We had tickets to Monza for the whole weekend. Getting tickets to Monza wasn`t that easy. I tried to get them the entire time I spent here in Milan before my summervacation, but it was impossible. Finally I bought them on line in Finland and they arrived to me with UPS the second last day I was in Helsinki. Wow, things really don`t work that well here in Italy.
Anyways, we finally made it to the train to Monza, after returning from Central Station to Garbaldi Station and after asking from 3 different people (notice: we already had train tickets ready)!
After having perfectly sunny days the whole week, we witnessed terrible rain almost the whole racetime in Monza. Luckily I didn`t wear my Chanel- ballerinas to the track. I was covered with mud almost until my knees... Where is all the luxury of Formula 1`s??? I need my high heels (no dirt, please), champagne and glamour!!!

The noice was terrible!!!


What else can you expect than chaos in Italy!?! We missed the first train back to Milan, because we didn`t elbowfight hard enough (and I panicked a bit in the crowd). Yes, there was only one local train with three coaches. We finally made it to Milan with the next train leaving in one hour... We were lucky, cause the others had to wait for the third train... Italia!!! Why do I still love to live here??? ;o)

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