Friday, September 12, 2008

Lago di Como

Yesterday my taxidriver/friend Giuseppe took us to the Como-lake for a private tour. First he had a surprise for my brother, though. We went to see Mc Laren`s Formula 1-car. It was in Milan for a day. Soooo cool!!! Imagine, this car Heikki Kovalainen used to race with it.

We drove to Bellagio, but first we stopped for drinks at his house. What a nice italian man! The weather was much nicer than in my last trip to Lago di Como, then it was pooring rain, though my company was great.

Bellagio was amazing, I know one more place in the world, where to return for sure. Actually, I would like to have a villa from here. What else could you ask for than waterfront, mountains and italians around you...

We drove almost around the lake. From Como we continued to Villa D`Este. It is famous for rich and famous people always staying there. From Cernobbio we went to George Clooney`s house. We were lucky and talked with his italian hairdresser who told us that he had left the house the day before yesteday. What a shame that we missed him by two days. Oh Georgieeeee......

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