Sunday, September 21, 2008

La settimana di rilassante

My dad and little brother left back to Finland on Monday evening and I got a new visitor already on Tuesday. My good friend Jussa came to see me for three days. Che finlandese!!! We hadn`t seen in a while, because he used to live in Australia and travel around the world, so we had a lot to catch up. Sorry, for not having any pictures, we kinda forgot them with drinking all that champagne...
Last night we went for drinks with my friend Anne to Naviglio and by mistake ended up partying all night long. Hih!!!

I know it wasn`t right what we did, but we culdn`t help it. Three guys started to follow us and we played tourists. OMG!!! It was so much fun! We pretended that we don`t understand any italian and the boys were troubled with speaking english. Much, much later we had to tell that we had understod all they were talking about... us. Hih hih!!!

After enjoying a few bottles of good Nero d`Avola from Sicily, we left to Old Fashion Cafe to party. Paolo was driving and I guess he thought he was a rallydriver. Hmmm... I don`t think I will never understand people here drinking at all and driving, but that is how it goes. The night club was packed with people, but there was a table waiting for us with drinks. Good service boys... ;o)

The whole evening was extremely lots of fun, just what I needed. ;o) My girl friends always tell me that I wear short dresses, but hey loves, this one is short!!!!!!


Jenni said...

Yes my dear, you r right. That is SHORT!!!!!!! ;)

Eveliina said...

Very true I agree, that one is shorter than the ones that you wear, which I thought was barely possible! I wouldn't be surprised to see you in a dress like that soon though. Although to me that looks more like a shirt than a dress :-D