Monday, September 15, 2008

Lunedi freddo a Milano

I have had a busy week with my dad and brother visiting me. It has been far from normal. Today was the last day here for them. In the morning (trying to start my routines again) when I went running, the weather felt like in Finland. Later on I heard that the temperature was +13C. Freezing!!!
This cute piece of art was behind Galleria. The message feels powerful to me... only four letters in red. Wow, so simple!

Last group picture or Heidi-picture like Jenni, my friend, would say.

Me, me, me!!! I felt kinda excited of the sunny fall-weather and getting to dress into wool-cardigan. ;o) I don`t mind, if it still gets +30C, though...

There is this nice lunch place a few steps from Duomo, where I like to take my friends. The food was as good as it is always. Great place for last italian meal, I think. Arrivederci PapĂ  e Stefan, ci vediamo a natale...

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