Monday, September 29, 2008

Che domenica bellissima!

Do you ever feel that destiny has hands in your life? Why do certain things happen and why do you meet certain people? It is all too complicated for me... I guess I shouldn`t bother my blondie head with that, too much analysing just gives me a headache! ;o)
The first things that I got for my new appartment in May were a silver champagne cooler and candlesticks. (I was still eating with plastic forks etc...) I believe that was a beginning of a friendship with the owners of Stylelife- interior decorating boutique. Yesterday afternoon they had a coctail aperitif- party at Naviglio and I was of course invited.

The day was beautiful and the entire inner courtyard was decorated with weddidng dresses. It looked absolutely amazing and was a brillant idea. There was a lot lof people, because the Naviglio antics market was also held a few steps away. After drinks, snacks and some chatting we continued to the canal for lunch.

I had totally forgotten how much fun it was just to hang around in a good company and enjoy Milan. (For once I had free time...) From the market I found new black smaller bobbles for the dress I was wearing.

The Sundays for Italian people are special. They spend them with family and friends walking downtown, eating well, sitting in cafes, eating ice cream and just without a trouple in their mind... at least that is how it looked to me. ;o) I wondered why I have never seen the Duomo and Sforcesco that packed with people, but I used to do my homeworks for school every single free minute I had before the vacation... I totally need to arrange my time better for the coming months. I want to be part of this great Italian tradition!

"Destiny will prevail Heidi", is what my dear friend Paul said to me today... ;o)

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