Thursday, October 2, 2008

La vita italiana

I have had a vacation for the last weeks, but I haven`t felt like that. I have always some "tiny" errands to do or the voice saying inside of my head, that I should be doing something. My friend tried to explain me once, that he needs to travel out of home to really feel the vacation. He was so right, I feel exactly the same. I have felt restless for quite a long time already. I think, that I really need to go somewhere, I miss the sea... I would just love to go sailing for some days...
My dear friend, Teemu (Muurimäki) lives in Milan also. He is a designer, but always way too me! ;o) On Monday we finally had time to spend the afternoon together. It was sunny and we weren`t in a rush to anywhere. It was good to chat in Finnish for once. I can`t wait to see him again, he is such a good company.

We had a lunch, walked in the sunshine in Naviglio and ended up to a cafeteria. Nice... ;o)

This week I was also in a job interview to a company that is looking for movie models. We`ll see what will come out from that. I know I am not in my twenties anymore or neither a model, but they liked me. (And this has nothing to do with pornmovies, like my friends are joking!!!!) I have also met friends for aperitivos in new restaurants. I feel that I miss all my friends and contacts here in Milan, that I had in Finland. I really want to know more people, but it will happen piano, piano (slowly slowly)...


Anonymous said...

your blog gives an interesting insight on your studies and life in Italy. however, i'm a bit put off by your grammar mistakes etc. i cannot be sure, i'll keep reading your blog due to your poor grammar. shame.

Anonymous said...

S(h)ame to you, anonymous. Shame. It is cowardly constantly criticize
anonymously. In one thing, however, you are right: you really do not have to frequent the blog. Usually smart people do what they like to do...
or maybe you enjoy yourself by berating others. Or you simply are envious.

Heidi, don't mind. You live your life and write your style. I am sure that there are many people who like your blog. It is great that you have decided to write in English, so you can maintain and improve your skill. Keep on standing!

Greetings from
(also from Milan)

Katariina said...

I love your blog!! It's great to read about your life and adventures there in Italy. Keep on writing :)
(Don't worry about some pitiful, anonymously comments!)