Wednesday, October 8, 2008

La vita bella in Italia

First of all, I have missed having an internet connection. I ordered Fastweb about two weeks ago, but it still hasn`t arrived. School started again so now finally I can keep contact to all of my friends again. During the last weekend I had four Finnish friends visiting me. (I was supposed to have two overnight visitors, but...) My friend asked me last week, if I can keep company for two of his footboll-buddies and of course I agreed. From last Friday till this Monday we hang out together, ate well and drank too much...

On Monday just before they left we went "stivali" shopping. I got beautiful black Sergio Rossi`s boots. I just love them!!! (Thanks Jone!)

On Monday started the school again, but we didin`t have any classes in the afternoon. We only had to pick up some material for the coming semester. So.... we desided to go for an early aperitivo to the rooftop of La Rinascente.
I didn`t think before, that I missed my schoolfriends during the summer, but I totally did. ;o) It was so nice to see them again.

I can`t complain about studying and living in beautiful Milan! It is amazing!!! Who could miss back to rainy Finland???


digna said...

OH!I´ve been red your blog and it´s amazing, I´m going to study at Marangoni this october and you make me feel even more excited about it...THANKS!, I´m looking for an accomodation in Milano with other fashion lovers so if you or one of your fabulous friends need a flatmate please tell me. Kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

Finland is not rainy, dearest :o The weather has been beautiful for the past week or so (at least in Hki). Despite the crispy, sunny and autumnal weather, I'd much rather be in Milan.


stellina said...

Hi Digna,
great that you enjoy my blog. We are all living by ourselves here in Milan with my friends, but I can put a word around...
See you soon at Marangoni!