Sunday, October 26, 2008

La settimana impegnante

What a week again!!! I now totally understand the meaning of intensive one year-course. That is what I am doing in Marangoni. It is really three years studies in one year. I am nowadays dreaming of sleeping, having time to go running in the mornings and eating healthy... let`s just say eating. Is it normal to do schoolwork until 5am and still go to school for the entire day?
Today was again the monthly antics market in Naviglio. I met my friend Irene for lunch and at the same time visited the pharmacy for some cold medication... Yeah, I have gotten fever, because of the stress and not sleeping enough.

If I would consider wheels under me, this would be the most reasonable option... so cute in light green. Okay, Porsche, Mini and Audi go as well, but then I would love to have a driver as well... ;o)

On Thursday I needed a break from all the schoolwork and decided to stay awake for something else than studying all night long. My friend Anne came over and we had a great "cena". Afterwards we left to Corso Como to meet my friends. The street and its bars are always highly spoken, but I wouldn`t agree... We ended up to the legendary Hollywood- night club, which has finally re-opened. I was a regular there about 10 years ago and I must say that it hasn`t changed much...

This advertisement I saw while waiting for the metro. It says: "Chi ha detto che gli uomini preferiscono le Bionde= who has said that the men prefer blonds". Yes, who has said that... I just wonder??? Ha haa...

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