Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sabato sera a Naviglio

Hmmm... This picture makes me laugh from last night! I still don`t know who the guy kissing my cheek is. He ran to the picture behind us. ;o) My best friend has finally arrived back to Milan from Finland. We haven`t seen each other since July, so it definately was time to celebrate it with sparkling wine in Naviglio. We had a great dinner at my favourite local, Pizzeria Premiata.
Afterwards we met my friends at Officina 12. That is a cool restaurant with amazing interior. The red wine Nero d`Avola tastes always as good there...

My Bionda "loves" pictures, so this is the only one I am allowed to put here.

My friends Paolo and Marcello are always happy to help me with my blog material. :o) Too bad you can`t see my shoes, they are sexy red high heels. (I know someone special who loves them...)

We skipped "dolce" (dessert) earlier and people who know me, know fine, that I love desserts. I like Italy so much, because here is always Gelateria open late at night. Caffe, tiramisu, cioccolato fondente... Nam!

This time we chose crepes with Nutella for dessert. Everybody must know this sweet chocolate stuff in jar?!? While living in Italy, I have gotten a huge addiction to Nutella. I can`t live without it anymore. I need a Nutella toast or actually two every day. (Thanks honey for introducing me with it...) Well, if Nutella makes me happy, why live without it... just as long as I stay skinny... ;o)

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johanna said...

Hellouuu - Mä saan sitten aina olla niiiiiiin ylpee Teistä kaikista. Ja hitsi mitä maailmanvalloitusta. Paas lähettäen mulle meiliin muutamia tosi hyviä kuvia tuolta opinahjosta ja sellaisia et sä oot mukana niissä kuvissa niin voin laittaa meitin esittelymatskuun. Nyt kyllä pistän tän suosikeihin niin pääsen seuraamaan =)
RockRock - jori -