Thursday, October 16, 2008

La mia scuola... Istituto Marangoni

Wow, time flies again... I really feel, that I am back for the old school`s rhytm...NO sleep!!! It has only been two weeks, but the workload we have for school is absurd. Well, c`est la vie! I finally got my portfolio back from my teacher. I added some drawings from my Fastwear- collection, which I made in July. For the people who don`t understand fashion... Fastwear collections are made in quick schedule, they copy all the major R-T-W collections showed in the spring/ fall fashion shows. The clothing appear to the shops quite fast after that. Zara and H & M work like this for example...
Last week I got a visitor from Holland again for a few days. It was great!!! ;o) On Friday we drove to Switzerland, Mendrisio to do some research for my new collection in Foxtown`s outlets. It was nice, but I found the clothing there quite boring. Only La Perla didn`t let me down... sexy tiny lingerie... ;o) I wonder, if I could design lingerie???
On the weekend I cancelled my dinnerparty and continued to work for our Streetwear- collection.

On Wednesday after school we needed a drink... badly with my schoolfriends. Teachers had changed all the timings for the collections. So in a month we need to make two collections instead of one. The other one is now Knitwear-collection. Okay, it all sounds so easy, but we need to do it all with the computer... meaning to learn all the new programs. Yeah, so no sleeping to come...

Our Wednesday evening at Brera, Fashioncafe was lots of fun. It is still warm in Milan, so we sat outside and enjoyed. During my first semester at school I didn`t spend that much time with my schoolfriends... That`s pity! They are soooo much fun!!!


Maria said...

Hi, I'm from PerĂº, i'm planing going to study to Milan, i want to study fashion bussines, do yoy recomend the istituto marangoni or there are better options. I really hope you can give some help, I've never been in Italy and I don't know anybody there, so I'm really lost, I want to study italian first and then look for a good institute for the fashion carrer. Any recomendations? Thanks.

stellina said...

Ciao Maria!
Sorry for not answering earlier.
I was studying fashion designing and I was satisfied with Marangoni. I think that Marangoni is the best school in Italy for fashion studies.

You can always take a short Italian course before starting your studies. I think you could contact the school and ask for all the other information.

Good luck!