Sunday, May 31, 2009

Showroom di Ermanno Scervino e Roberto Cavalli

I am again posting soooo late. The week has been hectic. I might have to start admitting to myself that my life will never calm down. How many years I need to try to prove it...
On Tuesday I worked at the showrooms of Ermanno Scervino and Class Roberto Cavalli with the summer collections 2010. It was completely extra work just for fun. Both of the showrooms were in Via della Spiga. (Dangerous street with Tiffany`s, Prada, Miu Miu etc.)

I was surprised to find out the clothing really pretty, nice street style. There were some pieces that I would definately wear. Now I only need to wait a year to see them in the stores, damn...

Me working extremely hard, see... ;o)

I truly wanted to take these long white roses home with me...

...they were gorgeous. I still remember when my mom turned 50 years and my M bought her 50 long, red roses and 1 white for the coming year to bring luck. The bouquet was heavy and for sure expensive.

After lunch break we changed the showroom with the girls. The models got new makeup & hair and the clothing changed to R. Cavalli 2010 summer. Honestly the clothing didn`t impress me. Who can wear all the synthetic fibres in the summer heat when it is +35c and everything is sweaty, smelly and glued into your back. Yuck!

Waiting like always. Nothing starts in time in this country. NEVER!!!

My beautiful Brazilian model Lis. She was cool, had a great personality and we clicked immediately. It was fun working with her. (The Brazilians have an amazing body, trust me!!!)

Slightly too big for my taste. I still prefer the one from Tiffany`s. (Hint!!!)

Models and Claudio (the brain of the fashion show). Great experience again. I can`t wait for the men fashion week in a few weeks and the after parties with model boys... ;o)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chanel N5 con Audrey Tautou

I am hooked to YouTube, so bad! I should be designing more softshell jackets with illustrator, but instead I am looking for Chanel ads. This is the latest one of Chanel N5 parfym with Audrey Tautou. If you have been following my blog or if you know me... I only wear Chanel parfym (Allure Sensuelle) and I am a hopeless dreamer... Enjoy!

I need to admit something that happened today. I think that it is kinda like from the movies. I was walking with my friend in Via Sant`Andrea (the street of Chanel store...) and a gorgeously dressed man walks past me. I stop talking and just stare at him. He walks past me and I turn around to look at him (I never do that), he turns at the same time and looks at me. I am stunned... I walk a few steps and I still need to see a peak of him, so I turn to look behind. I find him turning around and looking at me at the same time. I continue smiling with my friend but I am still thinking that it was something strange... ;o)

Monday, May 25, 2009


They raped the most beautiful song in the world!!! I love Italian language, but this... NO!!! This is a reason why I never watch tv here; it is all dubbed. I couldn`t stop laughing when I heard this version. Normally I am close to tears when I listen to this song in English.

I lived one year in Canada and I saw a lot of movies there. Pocahontas- movie was the last one I went to see there when it came out a decade ago. ;o) It has a lot of sweet memories, but this version... Original you can listen to here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Viaggiare e sognare

Katariina left me a challenge a few weeks ago about places in the world where I would like to travel. I knew that the list would be long (because I am a dreamer) so here we go...
This picture is from Maldives, white beaches and perfect peace. Places like this in the world which I wanna see are Fiji, Bali, Bora Bora, Seychelles, Mauritius... the list sees no finishing. In one of these paradise islands I wanna get married. ;o)

I love Italy and that is why I live here. Already only here would be more than hundred places where I wanna go. Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri & Napoli- coast is one of them. Then comes Cinque Terre, Ancona, Sardinia, Alassio, Portovenere... All the gorgeous volunteers that want to take me around Italy this summer, please contact me directly. ;o)

I have a friend from Corfu, Greece. He said that his home is worth seeing. I truly believe that. One day I will come to see you Stefanos. Maybe you will show me your Athens home as well???

I have dreamed of going to Marrakech, Marocco. There is something dreamy and mysterical in the city. I am slightly scared that I will be sold to somebody`s 15th wife as an exchange of camels, but I guess it is not possible, right? Hih...

Cape Town, South Africa I wanna see as well. From there it would be so easy to go for a safari...

My German friend used to live in Istanbul and he told me to visit the city one day. This 5 star hotel in the Asian side of the city is in my eyes extremely beautiful... I almost booked a trip there this March.
I want to see the blossoming cherry trees in Japan in the spring time and visit Tokyo.

I was once in love with an Argentinian boy, Marcos. He will always have a place in my heart and one day I will visit him there. I need to pay the visits back what he made for me in Finland. Buenos Aires is a place to see...

I adore China or then it is just the places that I have visited there before, Hong Kong and Beijing, that made an effect on me. Shanghai is still a city where I will travel one day to eat well and buy silks for my future collections...

Kenya and Tansania/ Ngorongoro.

New York. See Katariina, this challenge will become expensive for my future husband... And these are only a few places in the world that I wanna see. I would love to see Australia as well. If I book a trip there I will let you know for sure. ;o) Kinda horrible to see now afterwards that my love/longing for the sea is so strong that all the places are next to it.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I think that my affection* to Michael Bubble started when I heard his song "Home" here in Italy. This one is an other beautiful song from him. It kinda descripes my feelings at the moment. I feel strangely melancholy...

* I like to play it with repeat atleast 20 times in a row... ;o)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

La vita pigra

Since last weekend my motivation has been slightly lost for working. My mind is drifting in some other planet and I can`t concentrate on anything. This isn`t good... I still have a ton load of work to do before the end of June. My place remains like circus; customers coming and going (though now they are entering the sauna, +45c already inside), fabrics, pins, clothing and dust everywhere between the winter collections I am working with...still.
Yesterday one of my beautiful Israelian customers came for a surprise visit with her good male friend to bring some fabrics. I was so pleased to see them after I had been sweating inside the whole day, wearing only my sweatpants and a tanktop. My face was shiny after sitting outside for 30 minutes trying to get a bit tan to my mozzarella white skin. Did I mention that there is a construction going on in the courtyard and they always start to use the rock drill 7.30 in the morning?

Despite of that noice I slept in (again) this morning. I woke up for a phonecall from my school. Ups! My life is a mess honestly, but today finally I made it downtown to get some cosmetics that I ran out a few weeks ago. I was shopping with my dear Teemu. We went to Mazzolari, great place for everything you need of beauty products, close to San Babila. I didn`t wanna go to La Rinascente`s Sisley- section cause the ladies working there are bitter. So now I found a new place to spend my money, 350€ (suicide).
The service was absolutely great and I even got myself a facial for next week. Great!!! Can`t wait for some pampering.

I found out an other thing today. It is summer here (+33c)! I only spend my time inside working, so no wonder I am white as milk... Great day; got my necessary cosmetics, chatted with some friends, got hopefully some tan and will for sure spend the coming night working cause I have avoided it until now. Damn!

Suvi, la modella più famosa di Finlandia

There has been huge guessing in the Finnish newspapers and magazines what has happened to our supermodel Suvi Koponen. She has skipped the Fall 2009 runways to travel the world. She hasn`t been the only one to dissappear for months. Irina Lazareanu, Sasha Pivovarova and Gemma Ward have been as well missing from the fashion scene.

I saw this great picture in the May 2009 Vogue Italia Heralds editorials of Suvi.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This song always makes me smile and think sweet... ;o)

Cheek kissing is a ritual or social gesture to indicate friendship, perform a greeting, to confer congratulations, to comfort someone, or to show respect. It does not necessarily indicate sexual or romantic interest.
A French kiss or snog is a kiss, usually romantic or sexual in nature, in which one participant's tongue touches the other's tongue and usually enters his or her mouth.
It is referred to colloquially as: soul kissing, tongue kissing, tongue wrestling, pash, hooking up, getting in with, busting slob, mugging it up, making-out, macking on, snogging, slipping the tongue, popping tongue etc.

French kissing stimulates the lips, tongue and mouth, which are all areas very sensitive to touch, and the practice is considered to be pleasurable, highly intimate, and sexually arousing. Unlike other forms of kissing (such as brief kisses in greeting or friendship), episodes of French kissing may often be prolonged, intense, and passionate. 'French kissing' as a public display of affection is typically discouraged in many parts of the world.

The act known as Eskimo kissing in modern western culture is loosely based on a traditional Inuit greeting called a kunik. A kunik is a form of expressing affection, usually between family members and loved ones, that involves pressing the nose and upper lip against the skin (commonly the cheeks or forehead) and breathing in, causing the loved one's skin or hair to be suctioned against the nose and upper lip. A common misconception is that the practice arose so that Inuit could kiss without their mouths freezing together. In fact, it is a non-erotic form of greeting that serves as an intimate way of greeting one another for people who, when they meet, often have little except their nose and eyes exposed. When early explorers of the Arctic first witnessed this behavior they dubbed it Eskimo kissing. In its western form it consists of two people rubbing noses together.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hermès Kelly Bag

I worship the company Hermès. It all started when I made some research for my luxury collections at school. I needed to find out all the possible for my coming designs. I spend time surfing online, in the store and trying to reach people who would tell me more. Hermès turned out to be a luxury world`s best kept secret.
Hermès Kelly Bag
First made in 1892, this bag was originally designed to carry saddles. In 1956, after Grace Kelly used one to shield her pregnancy from public view, it got a new name and glamorous image. Priced from $6,000 to $18,000, the bags take a single artisan about 25 hours to make, and are notoriously hard to come by. The Hermès boutique in Manhattan has closed its wait list, but bags do occasionally show up on its shelves.

This Kelly or Birkin is my ultimate dream bag. I do know that the list in Milan opens this summer again and it is possible to buy the bags online from ASW. I guess the current economy crisis hasn`t affected the company like it has so many other fashion houses. I saw this article some days ago.

Ps. Baby, this color goes perfectly if you really really want to order one for me or buy from ASW... but like you know, I would prefer the bigger version. ;o)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Il compleanno di Mamo

Thursday night when I returned home from the theatre I found out that part of the reason for my exhaustion was angina. Great, this definately wasn`t the time to get sick.
On Friday I took it easy and in the evening went to celebrate my dear friend`s birthday at Trattoria Arlati. The place was definately cosy and I felt immediately like part of the family. I am returning there for sure with good friends. Thanks Leo for the hospitality.

I fell in love with this creature...

...the cutest puppy that I have ever met in my life. Let me introduce to you: Ralph.

There were even more reason to celebrate, some fiends were expecting a baby!!!

The night ended to Hollywood Prive. I was happy. I finally saw some old friends, made some new ones and most of all, I had had a break from the workload... which lasted for the entire weekend. Ups!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Il Principe della Gioventù parte 2

I had so many nice pictures that I needed to divide the article. 10 days went flying and me more or less in coma every evening. I really worked the mornings and afternoons for my Dutch company designing the winter collections for the season 2010-11 for men and women or sewing, the evenings at the theatre and the nights again at home.

Our team with Serena, Franci, me and Betta.
We managed to see almost the entire show from backstage. There were parts that we missed of course when the girls needed our help changing clothing.

Some male dancers. One evening I had to make research for underwear that I was designing and I didn`t realise how easily you can make men strip to you... Hilarious!!!
I found these dresses the most gorgeous at the whole set of costumes. Day by day the dancers and singers became more familiar.

The view to the stage from behind the curtains.

Two blonds, I truly believe that blonds have more fun than brunettes... ;o)

After the last show there was a party with snacks and sparkling. It felt kinda sad not to return to the theatre again. Luckily we have facebook and my trip to Rome is already in the aggenda for September...

Il Principe della Gioventù parte 1

I haven`t had that much extra time during the past weeks. I have slighty lost the track of time and the days. I have been working 20 hours/day with 3 jobs.
For 10 days I worked backstage at Teatro degli Archimboldi. They were playing an opera musical called "Il principe della gioventù. It was absolutely great like was the experience.

(Some strange reason you can`t see the whole picture, here it will be.) I wouldn`t have had the time to work there, but I am crazy and can never say NO to work. Now when I think it was just great that I was there. My Italian is 10 times better and I made some cool friends... you can just imagine "men in tights".... ;o)
Some waiting and we found it useful to play with the set.

The actors had a tradition before the play to slap everybody into butt. So funny!

Our working field with women dresses.

Playing with the costumes. ;o)

I might have complained before that it is difficult to make friends with Italian women. I guess I have finally succeeded. Betta was adorable and I will for sure continue meeting her.

Part of the cast...

After the premire there was a party with everybody involved. Cakes, little tartalettes (which I have to admit that I ate for hunger...)

...and of course some sparkling.