Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last Wednesday I travelled to Maastricht to celebrate the Dutch Queen`s day. I barely made it dry to Linate before the thunder showers. I flew to Brussels and found out that the airport was huge and overpacked with people. I might have made a slight error wearing my 14cm heels while running from the other end of the airport to pick up my luggage. I survived and collected quite a few stares with my heels and sexy dresses. M did enjoy, I believe... ;o)
We arrived pretty late to Maastricht and stayed in Eden Designhotel. I can`t remember when the entire hotel stay has been that splendid the last time. (Okay, Hong Kong`s Mandarin Oriental or Beijing`s Landmark are still beatable, but...) The car was taken to the carage, reseption guys were polite & even cute, the bathtub was big, the Hasten`s bed was the softest ever and for breakfast I had fresh squeesed oragejuice, fruits and sparkling. I really can`t complain. ;o)
The day was beautiful and we went for a walk towards the river and the market square. I was so eager to see everybode dressed in orange color and feel festive. It was a combination of Italian Sunday walks and Finnish First of May parties.
I fell in love with the city. Everything seemed so pure after the intensity of Milan. Streets were clean, people were smily and most of all they weren`t rushing anywhere.

The image was like from an other world...

I got amazed of all the chocolate, waffle and shoe-stores. Thank god, I didn`t go crazy with the chocolates like all the other women or then they just have had a healthy apetite. Hih...

I couldn`t resist a waffle with caramel and an ice cold frappuzzino though... Nam!

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