Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our journey continued to Brussels for the second 2 days. The weather was beautiful in Holland, but when we got to Belgium it was cloudy. Okay, I had to work with designing and illustrator inside so... it didn`t matter that much.
I always prefer Italian restaurants, but this time we tried an Indonesian one that we found from Place Sainte-Catherine called Garuda. The food was great and the service as well. I realised that Indonesian food was a nice experience after all the pizzas and pastas in Italy.

On Friday we did some sightseeing.

I knew barely anything to see from Brussels so I followed my M and the map. ;o) I enjoyed being away from Milan, but my mind was big time concentrated in the collections that I am working with.

I need to recommend our hotel Le Plaza or actually the breakfast and the bathtub. Hih... I guess I am easily satisfied just to eat well in the mornings and being able to take a bath. The breakfast was really great with all the fresh fruits, crepes and American pancakes with maple syrap. Nam!

My kind of a cafeteria...

This guy was great!!!
My get away- vacation from Italy went mainly working, but I had good time like always. On Saturday I navigated from the hotel to the airport and got myself in without any waiting or lining up. The security check- guys were extremely nice... I believe there was close to 10 of them helping me and chatting with me. Poor guys were bored to death, I guess. ;o)
Our lunch on Friday: Hagen Daas!!!
When I returned home to Milan I had a surprise waiting for me. The bidet tube had broken and the water had floated to the office underneath and of course into my apartment. My neighbour Signora informed me of all this as soon as I entered the courtyard. I found out that I had no more running water, the fire fighters had entered my apartment through the window (broken now), all the dresses were wet, floor dirty and pretty much half of the neighbours had witnessed the show. I was the talk of the day. What surprised me the most was the nice neighbour guy Andrea who came immediately to ask if I would need a hand with something. Sweet! This water accident has overturned my schedule up side down... and the 3 works I am doing at the moment. Crazy times!!!


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Katariina said...

Brysseli nayttaa natilta :) En ole ikina siella kaynyt, mutta jotenkin siita on sellainen virallinen, jaykka ja tylsakin mielikuva. Nuo sun kuvat nayttaa ihan painvastaiselta :)Ja voi kauhistus sita vesivahinkoa! Toivottavasti saatte paikat jarjestykseen!

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Kiitti, tsemppiä tarvitaan nyt.

Katariina, yritän vastata haasteeseen mahdollisimman pian. ;o)

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Il naviglio...eheh
posto per l aperitivo:)

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Eh si Dany... anche un posto di mangiare bene. ;o)