Monday, May 18, 2009

Il compleanno di Mamo

Thursday night when I returned home from the theatre I found out that part of the reason for my exhaustion was angina. Great, this definately wasn`t the time to get sick.
On Friday I took it easy and in the evening went to celebrate my dear friend`s birthday at Trattoria Arlati. The place was definately cosy and I felt immediately like part of the family. I am returning there for sure with good friends. Thanks Leo for the hospitality.

I fell in love with this creature...

...the cutest puppy that I have ever met in my life. Let me introduce to you: Ralph.

There were even more reason to celebrate, some fiends were expecting a baby!!!

The night ended to Hollywood Prive. I was happy. I finally saw some old friends, made some new ones and most of all, I had had a break from the workload... which lasted for the entire weekend. Ups!

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