Sunday, May 17, 2009

Il Principe della Gioventù parte 1

I haven`t had that much extra time during the past weeks. I have slighty lost the track of time and the days. I have been working 20 hours/day with 3 jobs.
For 10 days I worked backstage at Teatro degli Archimboldi. They were playing an opera musical called "Il principe della gioventù. It was absolutely great like was the experience.

(Some strange reason you can`t see the whole picture, here it will be.) I wouldn`t have had the time to work there, but I am crazy and can never say NO to work. Now when I think it was just great that I was there. My Italian is 10 times better and I made some cool friends... you can just imagine "men in tights".... ;o)
Some waiting and we found it useful to play with the set.

The actors had a tradition before the play to slap everybody into butt. So funny!

Our working field with women dresses.

Playing with the costumes. ;o)

I might have complained before that it is difficult to make friends with Italian women. I guess I have finally succeeded. Betta was adorable and I will for sure continue meeting her.

Part of the cast...

After the premire there was a party with everybody involved. Cakes, little tartalettes (which I have to admit that I ate for hunger...)

...and of course some sparkling.

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