Monday, May 4, 2009

Le scarpe da morire parte 1

These YSL shoes are to die for!!!

I have always had a "thing" for ultimate heights, but I have felt slightly reluctant to wear them, if my friends or boyfriends are shorter than I am. The other weekend I learned from my 180cm friend, still wearing 10cm Louis Vuitton heels, that IT DOESN`T MATTER! If the guys are self-confident they can manage a showy woman for sure.
Even my dearest friend taught me a few weeks ago when I was worried about being taller than my date, that IT DOESN`T MATTER! Tall women with shorter men are cool. Hahaaa... I am learning, I promise.

Thank god, my M is still taller than me even if I wear 14cm heels. ;o) Let`s go shoe shopping baby, please...???

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