Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hermès Kelly Bag

I worship the company Hermès. It all started when I made some research for my luxury collections at school. I needed to find out all the possible for my coming designs. I spend time surfing online, in the store and trying to reach people who would tell me more. Hermès turned out to be a luxury world`s best kept secret.
Hermès Kelly Bag
First made in 1892, this bag was originally designed to carry saddles. In 1956, after Grace Kelly used one to shield her pregnancy from public view, it got a new name and glamorous image. Priced from $6,000 to $18,000, the bags take a single artisan about 25 hours to make, and are notoriously hard to come by. The Hermès boutique in Manhattan has closed its wait list, but bags do occasionally show up on its shelves.

This Kelly or Birkin is my ultimate dream bag. I do know that the list in Milan opens this summer again and it is possible to buy the bags online from ASW. I guess the current economy crisis hasn`t affected the company like it has so many other fashion houses. I saw this article some days ago.

Ps. Baby, this color goes perfectly if you really really want to order one for me or buy from ASW... but like you know, I would prefer the bigger version. ;o)

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