Thursday, May 21, 2009

La vita pigra

Since last weekend my motivation has been slightly lost for working. My mind is drifting in some other planet and I can`t concentrate on anything. This isn`t good... I still have a ton load of work to do before the end of June. My place remains like circus; customers coming and going (though now they are entering the sauna, +45c already inside), fabrics, pins, clothing and dust everywhere between the winter collections I am working with...still.
Yesterday one of my beautiful Israelian customers came for a surprise visit with her good male friend to bring some fabrics. I was so pleased to see them after I had been sweating inside the whole day, wearing only my sweatpants and a tanktop. My face was shiny after sitting outside for 30 minutes trying to get a bit tan to my mozzarella white skin. Did I mention that there is a construction going on in the courtyard and they always start to use the rock drill 7.30 in the morning?

Despite of that noice I slept in (again) this morning. I woke up for a phonecall from my school. Ups! My life is a mess honestly, but today finally I made it downtown to get some cosmetics that I ran out a few weeks ago. I was shopping with my dear Teemu. We went to Mazzolari, great place for everything you need of beauty products, close to San Babila. I didn`t wanna go to La Rinascente`s Sisley- section cause the ladies working there are bitter. So now I found a new place to spend my money, 350€ (suicide).
The service was absolutely great and I even got myself a facial for next week. Great!!! Can`t wait for some pampering.

I found out an other thing today. It is summer here (+33c)! I only spend my time inside working, so no wonder I am white as milk... Great day; got my necessary cosmetics, chatted with some friends, got hopefully some tan and will for sure spend the coming night working cause I have avoided it until now. Damn!

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Liquid Roof said...

Really we perform nothing when we lost our attention... I thing care for yourself is a nice way for getting ride from your tension and we feel relaxation in this way...te