Tuesday, September 9, 2008

L´ultimo weekend a Helsinki

Last Friday I travelled to Helsinki for my last weekend before returning to Milan. I was excited, a few days meeting friends and partiyng and then home - Milano. In the evening we went to Lux, like normally in Helsinki and watched the beautiful fireworks from the sixth floor terrace. I was with Sanna and some other friends.

Saturday turned out to be beautiful weather and I wanted to go for a walk to the harbour. It was great, for once I had time to walk around, stop for drinks, watch Formula in a bar and go to the afternoon show of movies. It couldn`t have been better...
I also had time to see Petra and her little girl Emilia.

In the evening we had a great dinner at Toscanini with Sanna and M. I just love italian food and good red wine. I don`t know what has happened to me, I hurt myself way too often. This huge cut I got in the shower... And I promise I was sober! Now I am holding a paper around my finger which is bleeding like crazy... What is going on with me and sharp things???

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