Friday, August 29, 2008

Il rilassante domenica a Turku

From Helsinki my trip continued to Turku, to my old hometown. Jenni picked me up from the station and we went to my favourite Italian for dinner. Sergio`s pizza and a class of red wine was just the perfect way to start Sunday evening.

A view from the riversside of Turku.

You know that I love the movie "Sex and the city". To my fortune Jenni hadn`t seen it yet and wanted to see it, so it became a movie evening. Perfetto! Sunday, Turku and Poro (Raindear). That is how it goes. Poro is a finnish style-bar where we like to chill when I am in town... That is where we spend my last free night, before returning to Silja Galaxy for a week of work.

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Anonymous said...

Italian or english?!?!
I was looking for info about turku and i found also ur page! really nice!!!
are u from turku, aren't u??

do you know something that connect italy and turku? i found one Dante Alighieri associotiation?? do u know it??
i'm on facebook: Cecilia Cimmino and my email is u have time i would love to have a talk with you! thanks a lot!!

moro moro!