Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lavoro, sempre lavoro

I am addicted to shopping... and work! Somehow I need to finance everything I want in life, but I don`t think that it is only that. I can`t say "no" to work and I can`t just stand still or be without an aggenda packed to top. It is a never ending carousel. I guess I am at my best when I am under pressure and have too much to do. I worked at Silja Galaxy for some days at parfym and retail-boutiques. It was fun, though my feet were screaming halleloojah after wearing high heels every day. It was also great to realise, that I still could speak sweadish after concentrating totally into italian language. On Wednesday morning I got out of the "boat" for 24 hours. My day at Turku was packed with meetings and running errands. I had dentist twice, beauty salon-appointment, RAY 70 years-brunch with Jenni, meetings with my girl friends Iina and Krisse and dinner with my school friends Eija, Satu and Jenni. I wanted to see some other people as well, but there was no time and I was exhausted when I finally got to bed after midnight. I returned to the sea for 5 more days the next morning and worked for Paf, a casino- company from Ă…land.

Here we are with Satu, Jenni, me and Eija going for drinks after a great dinner at Bossa.

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