Friday, December 12, 2008

Catwalk Row

My childhood friend has been begging for me to put up some of my works. Finally here comes something. Catwalk row is a part of our collection. The layout doesn`t normally look like this, but I thought that it is better to be in one paper.
This is from Streetwear collection for women and men. My inspiration was Diesel in St. Tropez... I know, I can never make it normal, it has gotta be luxury. I just love silks, wools and other natural materials too much. ;o) The whole collection was made with computer... meaning that I needed to learn to use photo shop and illustrator well. My teacher liked my designs so all the hard work paid off.

These micro shorts I just finished, still working with the dress. We are now making one outfit into real clothing. I chose the first figurino that you can see in the picture. Micros and a denim/silk-dress. Can`t wait to wear them next summer to Portofino. *Dreaming again...* ;o)

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