Monday, December 22, 2008

Ritorno a casa per natale

I arrived home to Rauma last night from Milan. My daddy picked me up from the airport and on our way from Helsinki, we got stucked in to a terrible weather. It was raining/ snowing and finally in Rauma it was white. I was so excited that I started to take pictures 2 in the morning. Hih... tired, I know! ;o)

Already early Monday morning we had to leave to Turku, to my old home city, because I had a dentist appointment... No more snow on the way, damn!!! I managed to see a few of my best friends in the short time and witnessed little Benjamin becoming an adorable little boy. He was so cute! I wonder if I could write to Santa and ask one of those packages as well. Blond hair with brown eyes, please. Screw the career in fashion business and working in the spring fashion shows. Hih...Maybe not!!!

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