Friday, December 19, 2008

Fila presenta Love Match

On Wednesday evening we planned to go to the charity event & party which was organised together with Wallpaper-magazine and my school. We were kinda glueless what it was until we got there, to Villa Necchi Campiglio. We founded out that three of our former students had designed T-shirts to Fila and they were presenting them there.... and hoping to sell as many as possible. Luckily the gorgeous male models updated us with the info. ;o)
Before the evening we had a full school day and the exam of Digital design. Feeling partly already on vacation, restless and lacking motivation to study, we sneaked out from Andrea`s class to La Rinascente for aperitifs. The laughter was easy and even easier when we travelled to the event with Mariana and Noni by bike.

This picture and my friends` faces are amazing... When we saw this picture we became so loud, almost hysterical. I am sure the entire Nottingham Forest- bar heard us. ;o) I am so sorry girls this is here, but it is just too funny.

The gang; Daniela, Mariana, Noni, Monica and me. Noni isn`t travelling anywhere... that is just a normal schoolback for us.

Later we made it to this famous bar that we had heard to make delicious coctails. It turned out to be a great place to meet interesting people... Kippis girls!!! (Cheers!)

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