Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Italia contro Finlandia

Italy, Finland or somewhere else... For the last couple of days I have really been thinking where do I want to live. I know that a lot depends of where I will find the job, but still... I will only apply for the places where I could imagine living. This will not be an easy decision. I know my parents and friends are hoping for me to move back to Finland. Great idea, but the employment supply isn`t that great there around my industry... Or how many big design houses can you name from there? Hmm... ZERO! Marimekko is the only one and I think Samu-Jussi Koski has it totally under control. Hih..
This picture is from my way to school this morning. It was snowing today again... ;o) Loved it!!!

These pictures are from Galleria. It is always beautiful there. It is my shortcut to the tram that I also take home. In my life nowadays, these are my only walks in the fresh air during the day. What has happened? Unbelievable how much time and energy the school takes... Well, it is soon over and my walks couldn`t be better than by Duomo and Galleria... (Brera) or could they???

Too many questions in my mind... I have decided to concentrate on my studies and let the future bring all the answers. Life is too short anyways and too much worrying just gives me wrinkles and that is no good for a blondie. Hah haa...

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