Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La scuola dura

One of my friends said last week in FB that my life is sad, there is nothing else than school and homework. That was pretty much the truth. I lived for school 24/7... but I got great marks in the first exams so I don`t mind. That is why I paid a fortune to study here. It might be different for some others who are here just to party and because "Pappa betalar".
On Monday we returned our collections and already got new information for the next luxury and accessory- collections. I have felt kinda lost for the past days. It has taken time to get motivated again for the new assignments. I have felt that I don`t have to work the entire night again for the next days homework, but still I should. The workload we have to do before christmas break is absurd. I still haven`t realised it... that is why I met my friends for aperitivo on Tuesday evening in Fashion Cafe and slept last night 12 hours. I am taking a break today to get started again...

Last weekend I had my friend visiting me from Finland. On Saturday we relaxed a bit. We had a great dinner at Officina 12, visited new restaurants, bars and clubs. It was fun! I was all done with my work and I even had time to do some new research, that was good... But still getting your mind and body focused on again is not easy.

This is the view of our classrooms. There is 5 classes in the same huge long room. In the beginning it was strange to start studying here but now it is totally normal.

This was the atmosphere on Monday after the exams. Some of my friends hadn`t slept for the past 2 days and fell asleep at school after the exam and others were still finishing their work. So normal!!! Some lucky ones had spend the weekend travelling in Boston, London etc... ;o)

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