Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dove c`è il tempo libero???

The schoolwork continues hard. Last week I had fever for 4 days, but it didn`t stop me to work for school. There was no other choise! I had to show my fashion teacher all my designs before she would leave. My teacher is gone for 2 weeks and when she returns, we need to hand-in two collections (all ready)!!!
After recovering of fever last week, I got my Muru visiting me from Holland. Finally a day`s break from all the hard work... ;o) And of course great dinners at Naviglio.

This is a moodboard for my Knitwear-collection (needs still a bit improving). For the collections we make, we need to do research, pick a brand and analyse it. Make moodboard and inspiration charts with computer. Start sketching technicals, get the teacher to approve them and make them with illustrator. Draw the figurinos with all the accessorys, make them all by computer or pantoni, make fabric and color charts, make accessory and finishing charts including all the samples etc... etc...

Sounds like easy, but it isnt!!! At the same time we are just learning to use the computer programs (photo shop and illustrator) which takes time. I will write to Santa and ask 15 extra hours for my day, maybe that would help to stay in schedule and shape... ;o) This picture on the top is my moodboard for the Streetwear-collection.
I have started to stress (a bit only, hah) for my future from February onwards. I need to find a job immediately to pay my living here. (I just mean all the champagne and shoes...) I know already that it will not be easy. I also worry about my appartment, because the notice time is 6 months here. My future job might not be in Milan or Italy. Huh! There is soooo many questions in my mind that worry me, but I just need to stay calm... and focus to study. I know!!! ;o)

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