Friday, November 21, 2008

Marangoni party

Finally there was some little time to relax. It has been absurd at school. Really!!! I counted yesterday briefly that I have worked for school more than 400 hours in one month. Do you think that is normal? Still the Finnish covernment says that I am not a full time student and doesn`t give me any financial support, screw them!!!
Last night I got my Finnish friends over for some good wine, snacks and chatting. It was great! Later the same night would be the annual Marangoni party at Amnesia. I thought that it would be great to see that and finally go dancing. It was way too late when we left my house, so we desided to go straight to Amnesia with Kristiina. She flew to Milan yesterday to see me and other friends. Unfortunately we couldn`t convince Anne and Irene with us...
After a taxi drive through the dark city we made it to Amnesia. It was packed with people!!! I believe there was more than 1500 partiers. I first thought that they were all of our students and their friends, but Marangoni partys are famous in town of the pretty girls and boys so... ;o)
Some sexy dancers on stage...

Kristiinas friends joined us at Amnesia.

Here I am with Christian and Guido.

When leaving the club we had a tiny problem... Christian had a Smart and we were 4 tall adults. Hmmm... What to do? There were takers for me, but hey, Milan at night time with strangers. No way!!! We somehow got us packed to the car like sardins in a can and I made it home safely... extremely tired, but happy. ;o) Today, back to studying and working hard... I wonder when will I have the change to relax like this again.


Barb. said...

hey! i loved your blog!

Paul said...

Looking beautiful as ever, Heidi!!!