Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mercato dell’ antiquarito di Milano

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Always on the last Sunday of a month is the famous antiques market of Naviglio. My Frenchmen were still in town last Sunday and when Stephane asked what we should do, the only choice was Naviglio. I try to go there every month, it is 100 meters from my home door. I love the atmosphere and of course the antiques jewelry.

It was great to see my friends again. There is something in their companion that makes me feel relaxed and they for sure made me laugh… ;o)
The day was absolutely gorgeous and for a long time all the sellers were present. At least for the past 2 times I have been there, it has been raining and the canal has been pretty empty. It is funny how things change in life. I used to go there always with my blond friend, life goes on bella…

Something funny happened when I was walking to meet my men. Hmmm… I don’t know how to put this into words or maybe I shouldn’t!?! A midnight blue Porsche stopped next to me in the street, the driver opened the window and HE WANTED ME. I can speak Italian and there was for sure, no misunderstanding of his sayings. I was pretty shocked and kept on walking and he kept driving slowly next to me. I don’t get it! Okay, I am blond, tall, pretty… but I had no heels and my outfit was far from the “Pretty Woman”-movie. I don’t know if I should be impressed or mortified. (I need to admit that I have seen the same Porsche passing me other times as well. He must be my prince charming or then just a horny pervert.)

My afternoon was quite lucky. I found the golden necklace that I have been looking for. (The ones from Tiffany’s and Bvlgari still remain in my dream, hint baby!!!) The unlucky part was to hear that the Chanel’s quilted 2.55 handbag that I have been drooling over, had been sold 1, 5 hours before I stopped for the section of designer bags. Sniff… Luckily I had two wide shoulders to cry on. ;o)

Last Friday we had a get-together with A Small World- members in a Glamour Apartments behind Duomo. Everybody who got there was supposed to bring a bottle of Champagne. The result was a bathtub filled with 100kg of ice and all the bottles. The evening was great fun and the best party was of course in the beautiful bathroom. You can guess why…


PS. We will wait and see if my picture will appear to the street section of Clin d`oeil. Some Canadian girl stopped me and wanted to take a picture of my outfit.


Anonymous said...

Just a random note from a random visitor: you repeatedly saying you're "pretty" or "bella" or whatever is not very cool.

All it does is make one wonder why does she need to repeat and repeat this.

stellina said...

Ciao "Anonymous" reader,

if you happened to notice my blog`s name is La Bella Principessa in Italia, so it is quite obvious that I use it in every article.

BTW. If you are a random reader why would you even know that???
Just wondering. ;o)