Saturday, June 6, 2009

Venerdì molto normale a Milano

I am strugling with time again and between all my works, I have started to write blog at Umami. The next few articles I will continue this blog as well, but within 2 weeks you can only follow me at my new address: La Bella Principessa a Milano. (
00-05.00 still working with customer sewing (damn top!!!)

05.00 shower

05.10-08.00 sleeping

08.00 crawling to get the first alarm from downstairs/ closing the other phone

08.10 first snooze

08.20 second snooze

09.20 waking up by a phone call… and closing all the three alarms which are found under the pillow

9.30 tea for breakfast, no appetite after 3-5 hour / night sleeps for some months

9.30 computer on, checking the unread mails -> 179

9.40 back to sewing (damn top)

11.00 janitor comes to weld the iron bars of the roof window (the firefighters cut them when I was in Belgium and my apartment was flooding a month ago)

11.50 first customer comes under the ladder of the janitor to pick up his stuff

12.00 second customer comes to pick up her sewing (the top almost done)

12.30 fruits for breakfast, still no appetite, but gotta eat

12.45 time for illustrator and the winter sports collection 2010-11 for men and women (which still isn’t done)

14.30 customer comes back with her sewings and tells the result of her fitting (need to redo the damn top)

15.00 new client comes with her fabrics

15.15 back to illustrator

17.30 screaming aloud….. wishing to be inside of her design boss` brain!?!?!?!??!!

18.00 black neighbour cat (Mussukka) returns from the open window

18.15 sweet Jade (customer) comes with her boyfriend (me in sweatpants, without makeup… I did wash my hair last night, thank god)

18.30 me still wearing the 18cm Prada heels she brought to adjust with the pants I made her a few months ago. I have a THING with high high heels *GOSH* and I was taller to try the pants than her (she is from Portugal and looks like Giselle B.)

18.45 back to illustrator

20.00 Teemu comes for a visit -> gossiping about the past day’s happenings, OMG I missed him alredy….

22.30 back to illustrator

03.25 writing blog and still fancying about the Prada heels, I saw them in the Galleria Prada store some weeks ago *GOSH*

04.38 back to illustrator and dreaming of sleeping before morning…

Ps. Check these heights:


Iris said...

Beh sembra abbastanza impegnata la tua giornata... e che tacchi!! ;)

Katariina said...

Huh, millainen tahti sulla siella on!!! Mutta tuo sun ahkeruus varmasti palkitaan, usko pois :) Ja onnea uudelle blogille :)