Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Milano Backstage Fashion Show

"Backstage is a fashion event where people meet, mingle, eat and drink and enjoy a complete unconventional Fashion Show.

This series of events has been created by 5 fashionable girls sharing the same passion and desire to help talented upcoming designers launch their fashion line.

After the success of the first edition of Backstage, last March 2009, Backstage returns for a new fashion show with new designers and the curation of the make up by LANCOME italia."

I attended the first show in March and in this show I was supposed to be one of the new designers, but... I had no time to design and make the new creations. Next one will be in October, where I should finally be in as a designer.

We went to Lotvs with my boys Stephane and Teemu. I felt pretty privileged with my tall men (rare feeling) and I got quite a lot of attention, even from Fashion Television. I definately stood out from the crowd being blond, tall and looking relaxed in my denim overalls. (Let me say that overalls will be trendy again, they are so comfortable in the summer heat...)

The evening was hot and the terrace full with happy people.

This was funny, behind the dj was a sign "Dancing Forbidden".

There were 4 designers and the clothing was pretty hidious. The first dresses were awfully tacky, the next ones a bit better, the third ones underwear dresses??? and the last 2 guys had designed prints & t-shirt... No comments!

Best part for sure was my friend Yamal modelling the underwear!!!

She was the prettiest model. (OMG, I have become like a guy, I am judging women already. I need to change back to feminine dresses, the loose pants effect my behaviour negatively...)

Some more friends joined us from Paris and we continued the evening at Naviglio for late dinner and drinks. It has been so hot here that I have no appetite before ten at night. Luckily champagne is cold and fresh always. ;o)


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Hi, I'm thinking about moving to Milano to study fashion bussines, maybe you can give some tips. Here is my e-mail:, I'm a fashion designer, you can see some of my work on facebook. I really hope you can help me. Thank you very much.
Eugenia Buendia